Tuesday , August 9 2022

Japanese spacecraft landed on asteroids


The Japanese space engineer "Hayabusa 2" has probably landed briefly on the Ryugu asteroid. "The landing seems to be successful," said spokesman for the Japan space agency, Jaxa today, the AFP news agency. Final confirmation is still under way. The incoming data must now be evaluated further.

"Hayabusa 2" and "Mascot" left the asteroid 300 million kilometers away from Earth last October. Then the thief collected data for about 17 hours. The German-French-German mission is to give a new insight into the genesis of our solar system, as well as the possibility of preventing asteroid if it conflicts with Earth.

"Hayabusa 2" had arranged to take samples of the surface during its very short rainfall on Friday and then returned to orbit around the comet. If a sample collection had succeeded, it will only be certain in a few days.

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