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Jacques de Bascher was the great love of the fashion designer


Karl Lagerfeld died. 30 years after his partner, the prison closed his eyes forever. Jacques de Bascher was a great girlfriend for him.

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Karl Lagerfeld died 85 years of age on 19 February 2019 in a hospital in Paris. Little is known about the life of the fashion designer's love. After the death of AIDS his great girlfriend, Jacques de Bascher Lagerfeld should not be very interested too.

Jacques de Bascher and Karl Lagerfeld in 1978. (Source: Imago / Starface)Jacques de Bascher and Karl Lagerfeld in 1978. (Source: Imago / Starface)

Jacques de Bascher was 18 years younger than Karl Lagerfeld. Originally, he worked as a steward in Air France and came to know the fashion designer in 1972. He and Lagerfeld were involved until his death in 1989. During his long relationship with Bascher he had a relationship with an old friend Lagerfeld , Yves Saint Laurent. The friendliness of the designers ended.

But Lagerfeld and Bascher continued to be a pair to the end of his life. According to Lagerfeld, they said they did not have sex. He was physically avoided with people he loved. "I do not want to sleep with them because sex is not permanent, but it can be permanent," he said in 2010 to "Is." He was each other's company and he was appreciated.

The objection attracts

What did Chanel designer still design about Bascher? Above all, his style of wear and interest in literature should have been. But it was also drugs and organs that were the shape of his short life. Objectors objected in this regard. Lagerfeld did not drink, they did not use drugs and did not smoke. Anders de Bascher.

Jacques de Bascher died on 3 September 1989 when he was 38 years old in a hospital in Paris. Karl Lagerfeld, who changed externally after his partner's death, was on his side: "When my friend Jacques has fallen ill, I started to lose interest in my eyes," wrote Karl Lagerfeld in 2004 in a column for Britain. "Telegraph".

He also said that he only had the size of S, finally M, then L and ultimately even XL. "During the nineties, I'll let me get more and more, I had different priorities." At some point he lost all the weight he won. But these statements show how much the grief had to add to.

Finally Lagerfeld bought a house near Hamburg. For his deceased friend he baptized this on Villa Jako. Also, the famous men's honors with the Jako name were dedicated to Bascher. After his death, Lagerfeld wanted his ash to be added by de Bascher. This is kept in a "secret place", as the fashionable fan is betrayed in the biography of his partner.

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