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There are scary numbers: In Switzerland, measles cases have increased by more than 300 per cent in the past two months compared to previous year. 15 per cent of patients had to go to hospital, one in six had pneumonia, one patient even had meningitis. This trend is not just Switzerland, with more measles in the USA, Eastern Europe and Italy, although there is a vaccine against the disease.

Little in time comes a great Danish study. It shows very clearly that measles / mumps / rubella (MMR) can not cause autism. Some parents do not have the vaccination of children because they believe messages that claim the vaccine can trigger autism.

For their study, researchers were able to access a very broad database. The Danians have a central health register; All children and their infections have been registered there, giving scientists great conditions for large studies. The team around the epidemiologist Anders Hviid bases his analysis of information over 600,000 children born between 1999 and 2010 in Denmark.

The blame for the noise was a fake study

"The vaccines are a small but noisy group," said Hviid. "With a review, we want to make it very clear for parents who worry that there is no connection between the MMR vaccine and autism, regardless of which some sites are claiming on the Internet. " Several studies compared the alleged relationship between autism and autism have clearly rejected MMR vaccine. Danish researchers have now added some arguments that the opponents of the vaccine are among them: So they have children with more family risk of autism, especially studying. Even in this group, the vaccine did not cause more autism cases. The Danians have also analyzed the chronological system. In the months following the vaccinations, they did not get a collection of autism diagnosis in the children who were immunized.

"Measles disease is not a childhood disease," said Christoph Berger, head of Infectious Disease Department at the Zurich Children's Hospital and President of the Federal Commission on Immunoassays. In measles, it is not unusual for dangerous complications. Only meningitis can lead to permanent disability in children. Measles virus is very infectious, much more infectious than flu, for example. Breastfeeding adults are also particularly poor.

Especially affected children under five years

In 1998, Andrew Wakefield was given an autistic mock to an English doctor doctor loss in the meantime. But the damage caused by his defective work echoes even 20 years later. For his study, Wakefield had examined only twelve children, in the new Danish study there are 657 461. Eight of the twelve children had beenhave according to the obvious behavior in the vaccine. A few years later, a Sunday Times journalist said Wakefield had deliberately falsified the children's health records. There was no control group. Although this data was far from meeting any criteria for medical study, Wakefield did not hide the fact that a vaccine operator had arranged the parents and their children.

The amateur effort to ignore such a vaccine is almost incredible that three million, which have saved unbeaten lives, have had such a lasting effect and still spread on the Internet today. "We're spoiling," said Berger. "We do not often see people die from the measles." Before the vaccine came to the market in the 1960s, around 4 million children worldwide died in measles every year, according to the US study. Although there is now a very effective vaccine, in 2017 there are 110,000 people vaccinated dying of measles, especially children under five.

Viruses can harm the immune system for months

A few years ago, an American researchers team led by the infectious scientist Michael J. Mina showed that measles have been neglected to date on those who survive without any sequelae. Measles weaken the immune system not only during the illness, but also several months later, in some cases even for years. Simply because of the aggressive virus of measles, the immune system is so busy that it does not have time to look after potentially dangerous attackers.

The World Health Organization (WHO) wants to remove the measles, as it has done with a small button. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) also supports this project. Switzerland currently has a 87 per cent immunization rate for 2 year olds and 93 per cent for 16 year olds. In order to prevent breeding cases, more people would need to be vaccinated. Ninety-five percent of all children and all adults born after 1963 would need to be protected with at least two doses of vaccine.

"Vaccine opponents often forget that the vaccine also protects people who have no own defense."Christoph Berger

"Vaccine opponents often forget that the vaccine also protects people who do not have their own defense," said Berger. For example, if someone has to have chemotherapy for cancer, its immune system is weakened. There was a tragic death two years ago in Switzerland. A 26-year-old man had seven months of chemotherapy for leukemia. He had survived this disease after he contracted the measles with someone who had not vaccinated. Nine days later, the young man was dead.

What causes autism, you do not know exactly. Autism is a brain developmental disorder. There are several different forms; Restrictions and those affected are very different. There are obviously several genes that make a person more vulnerable to autism disorder. In fact, autism occurs across the family. If there are two people suffering from autism, the other two guys also have up to 90 percent of disorder and disorder.

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