Sunday , April 11 2021

Is Tom Cruise a Monster?

The controversial religious community Vulnerability is repeated in the headlines. This time, here is the leading member, which provides a negative press.

Unbacks Leah Remini

Former member Leah Remini, 48, alleges that some members of Psychology are physically abused regularly, and Tom Cruise, 56, is sure to join.

& Tom Cruise is part of abuse & # 39;

At an interview in the Daily Beast, Remini told Tom Cruise to know about the abuse that's happening in Psychology – it's even about to be part of it. Tom is one of the older supporters and could even issue penalties – even physical ones. What should be done.

Remini leaks science

Remini made the jump in 2013 and since then he was considered the strongest judge of the sect.

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