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Initial decision of ESC in the live ticket: These girls go to Germany to Israel!


Who will compete for the German Eurovision Song Competition? This will be decided on Friday night in the preliminary round of the ESC. We live in the Ticker.

  • The ESC's initial vote over: Seven candidates wanted to sing "Our Song for Israel". He won the Sisters band
  • Laurita and Carlotta will be in Germany for the Eurovision Song Competition in Tel Aviv in May
  • In addition to the candidates, a number of high profile musicians performed on the show, including Revolverheld, Lindo Lindenberg and Lena Meyer-Landrut

>>>> <<<< Update

CONCLUSION: The tendency of Schöneberger / Zervakis presenter could not convince. Many jokes appear to have had their practice and did not work. The candidates were rejected by the ESC referendum. At the end, Sisters have motivated, a band that seems to be zusammengecastete.

22:41 We farewell to a foul event over long distances. The end was forgiven, we congratulate sisters and wish you to succeed in Israel!

22:39 The audience is as stable as the whole night.

22:38 Of course, the version of course is more so, but from our province in any case, congratulations.

22:38 There are sisters again with a garn of singing honors, they play their song again.

22:36 And: Barbara Schöneberger had even had a good, unwritten lap on the lips. He said, "There's something here." Israel Faner. Schöneberger referring to the fit costume: "I can not bend over."

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: At the end, a weak night was still entertaining

22:36 The evening was still exciting and entertaining after some two hours.

22:35 "Oh god, I'm so stupid." Both sisters' sisters roam, roll tears.

Driving the ESC in Germany: Sisters.

© dpa / Britta Pedersen

22:34 Sisters have 12 points, who won it with him and sent Germany to Israel.

22:34 10 points to Lilly.

22:33 Linus with 8 points of viewers.

22:33 Makeda is only 6 points. Aly with 7.

22:33 4 points to BB Thomaz, 5 points to Gregor Hägele. Both have nothing to do with the decision.

22:32 The envelope has been broken open. Currently, Makeda is in front of Sisters and Aly.

22:32 Imaginative: The man with the official result passes the first step.

22:31 Two of the three results have already been added. Only votes and audience are missing.

22:30 10 points to Makeda. That's 12 points to Aly Ryan.

22:29 There is now a pool of 100 ESC supporters, including a priest. Sisters get only 6 points.

22:28 Here are the specialist points. Based on the points awarded, artists have now received points from points 12 to 4. Ultimately Sisters.

ESC preliminary 2019 decision: This is how experts divide their points

22:27 The first third of the votes is over! Forever is Sisters. Behind him Makeda.

22:26 Now Germany! The Revolver-Frontman's 12 points are going to: Sisters!

22:25 Poland goes with sisters.

22:25 Finnish for Sisters.

22:24 France with 12 points to Sisters.

22:24 Romania is silent in German and wants to see Makeda on.

22:23 Slovenia: Lilly Among the Clouds. Sweden is also for Lilly.

22:23 Austria also gives its 12 points to Sisters.

22:23 Now the Czech 12 points to Sisters.

22:22 Norway with 12 points to Makeda.

22:22 Greece: 12 points to Makeda.

22:22 Hungarian 12 points to Sisters.

22:21 The Lithuanian gives his 12 points to Linus.

22:21 Also Cyprus.

Only a horny man: Upon Lindenberg.

© dpa / Britta Pedersen

22:20 Iceland with 12 points in Mekada.

22:20 Jazz musician (!) From Belarus (!) With Lilly 12 points.

22:20 The specialist points from Italy to Lilly.

22:19 12 points from England to Makeda.

22:19 A Dutch man gives Linus 12 points. The Spanish too.

22:18 Points now!

22:15 Look, Lindenberg does not have a little time talking about the mic, the preliminary ESC decision is also funny. Our suggestion: Let Lindenberg moderate next time.

22:10 Lindenberg is now coming back, with a version of "Go on the wild side".

22.9 All candidates on a covert course. Zervakis: "You really like a tour group."

7.22 Küsschen for Bourani for Udo panic, in the meantime Schöneberger and Zervakis have mixed up among the candidates.

5.22 The song is known that Bourani can also sing. And to Lindenberg one can only say: Geiler's type is still a little horny.

4.22 Udo Lindenberg performs with Andreas Bourani a song from & 1976, the "Radio Song".

3.22 Schöneberger gives Unger, who definitely wants to moderate the next artist. Udo Lindenberg.

2.22 Zervakis in the audience, twins twins in front of the microphone. And now it's coming: both have different favorites. Is it necessary to rewrite books on gene pits?

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: Other countries, other practices

22:00 Australia with a diva opera on stilts – like these men in city holidays. Spain with summer number. The audience turns completely – exactly opposite the ARD event.

21:59 France with a lady with Lady Gaga's hair style. The Scots in the gold dress. The Czechs with a keyboard piece reminiscent of Yazoo. England with Spain who looks like English.

21:59 A view of other countries.

Shirt as crying for help: Restate.

© dpa / Britta Pedersen

21:58 Well, the wires are also.

21:56 A new reader has contact us with the application, "finally, remove the Schöneberg there".

21:54 Side note: Even Gunslingers receive more approval than candidates.

21:53 +++ Message Express +++ Barbara Schöneberger dreams that she does not have her contact lenses in +++

21:50 What makes us think: The song of the chapel is so far and this night.

21:48 Now Revolverheld arises. The front shirt grips for help.

21:44 The approval for Lena certainly puts them in the shade to the candidates. ESC bonus winner? Now also saint.

ESC 2019 preliminary decision: The best of the audience comes from the audience

21:43 "Pyjamaparty", in the comments of a colleague.

21:42 What song? Replaceable Popgedudel stop.

21:41 The hair head is sitting, the dress would not like Karl Lagerfeld. Llac look.

21:41 A new one.

21:41 Lena. Now.

Zervakis / Schöneberger's duet was only subject to the preliminary cycle of the ESC.

© dpa / Britta Pedersen

21:40 Krass, the first laugh of the show that really works. And that comes from the audience. The glitter jacket man reads the phone number – and out of the background a viewer strikes "Zero Two" behind. That is the number of Aly Ryan.

21:39 The next watchler wears a denim jacket with glitter spikes. Now ARD seems to look after nothing.

21:37 Two men who seemed to wish to have a carnival event and a mistake in the hall.

21:37 Ohje, Zervakis and Schöneberger back in the audience. That was exactly wrong.

21:34 Michael Schulte presents his new single. It should also get something from the broadcast, the man. "Back to stars"

21:33 Joke teleshopio. Who wrote the gags for this show please?

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: What is it about Schöneberger's shoulder?

21:32 Legally, definitely, Makeda. Our favorite again, Aly Ryan. Number up-time da.

21:31 Great service! There is a second quick track of the songs. Waxing …

21:30 How stubborn, Schöneberger and Zervakis are trying to sell the audience enthusiastically.

21:29 Well, the points will already get it. But wait a minute: today can not even block the Balkan countries.

21:28 The ARD again shows each candidate again. We take the opportunity and summarize: Much of music. Candidates are whipped by the broadcast. Jokes that do not cheat. So far, the night is a bit disappointing.

21:27 The cables have now enabled them. The telephone number is 01371 3636 and then numbers 1 to 7.

21:26 Many consumers ask themselves: What is this about Barbara Schöneberger's shoulder?

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: Earrings of the 80s

21:21 The most surprising thing about the performance is the earrings by Laurita. Or Carlotta. And brunette. Because they are so big that you'll think how someone could dig something like that since the 80's.

21:20 Sisters are now on stage. To change a piece with piano accompaniment …

21:18 "I've never been a little sow," said Laurita. Or Carlotta. In any case, the marriage of the two daughters.

Laurita to Carlotta or Sisters.

© dpa / Britta Pedersen

21:17 Now come Sisters, who are not sisters at all. For the project, girls were searched, said in the single player. That's the friendly description for cast tape.

21:16 Good news: The show is already half way around. The bad news: The program lasts another hour.

21:15 Throw in a colleague: The choir reminisces the Smurfs song.

21:14 We see a permanent young man, a bomber jacket. Too soft And the song is not the worst song tonight.

Did the ARD Justin Bieber go on stage? No, it's Linus Bruhn.

© dpa / Britta Pedersen

21:13 Huh? Did ARD suddenly talk to Justin Bieber from the hat?

21:12 Now Linus Bruhn is on stage.

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: Search for the Phrasesschwein

21:11 "A good ESC song must appeal to the hearts of the people." Where is the Eurovision Fraseshine?

21:10 If you have some preliminary decision of the ESC, then not in Einspieler, what you have not already read somewhere.

21:10 Now Linus Bruhn turns.

9.21 Urban: "The voice was a bit something." Touch of criticism.

7.21 By the way, the second artist performing on foot. Not saved on shoes?

7.21 Lilly Among the clubs appears in one word: expressive dance.

The performance of the brand expression dance: Lilly Among Clouds.

© dpa / Britta Pedersen

5.21 Now the performance, very pureist. Red uniform, a little fog, a little light. Remember a good copy of Lana del Rey.

4.21 We want to be honest: The event is killing us so far. In the opposite, many shake your head – such as the way the candidates are whipped through the show.

3.21 Now Lilly Among the Clouds!

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: Where is Thomas Gottschalk when you need it?

2.21 Although we have clipped tears and remember Thomas Gottschalk, this tweet flows into the house:

1.21 "My spiders are able to go to shhhh themselves", if we got it right. Ahja.

21:00 Oh, the audience has animated to tie! He has a little Hoffenheim TSG against VfL Wolfsburg.

20:59 Hairstyle is technically inspired by Beyonce.

BB Thomaz with "Demons".

© dpa / Britta Pedersen

20:58 Thomaz in a low costume. She's walking up and down stairs – that's where the Zumba training is, of course, paid.

20:58 Now this is the personal song of the night, they say. We're curious.

20:56 Short version: From New York to Dusseldorf, now Zumbatrainerin, who makes their tax return on the keyboard.

20:55 Now the next player, turn BB Thomaz.

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: international understanding of Nonsmoking

20:53 The incredible situation: An event, serving international intelligence. Schöneberger holds a man who speaks English in the audience. "I'm from Czech Republic." Schöneberger says "Oh, he does not work with us" and goes on. WHAT is international understanding!

20:53 Schöneberger doubles Lindoberg Udo double. The conversation is also rather, let's say, a bit.

20:52 Zervakis became a man in the audience: "Team Schöneberger or Zervakis? A beautiful or intelligent team?" – Indeed, no-one in the audience was laughing. Badummtsss.

20:51 Now a little chatting Zervakis and Schöneberger. To vote in the audience.

20:50 "Incredible fire," said Trefol. We like this like this: "Huh, where?"

20:48 Hm, partial view on sight. Sure, great singing. But all, and the night is still too good.

Makeda in the initial round of the ESC.

© dpa / Britta Pedersen

20:46 Makeda is singing now. Feeling in the voice is not flawed in the red hair.

20:45 The first half hour is over. Striking: The ARD whips people through the ESC night. Schöneberger mentions a machine gun, although little talk is not time. Instead of Einspieler, performance, one-player, appearance and so on …

20:44 Slowly, the first ESC images start spinning.

Linda Zervakis, Michael Schulte and Barbara Schöneberger leading through the ESC night.

© dpa / Britta Pedersen

20:43 Makeda now. Telling the same player that she knows as a child, she wants to stand on the ESC stage. It's obvious.

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: Music for the telephone waiting link

20:42 Post on Twitter. A user is of the opinion that the number is great for a telephone waiting link.

20:41 Common performance. The audience approves courtesy. But no one has torn any of their seats.

20:39 The first colleague still tracks with his leg. The number is not bad. Well performed so far. Aly Ryan – is also similar due to the big story in the newspaper – which many are considered to be fond of in the preliminary round of the ESC.

20:38 Two dancers on the Aly Ryan side, for many light effects.

20:38 Next song!

20:37 Remind us a little Daniela Katzenberger …

20:37 Dramatic music such as Aly Ryan recounts his song.

20:36 The blonde lives in Los Angeles. At the age of 16, they are attracted. What he said no-one has said: Art nails in XXL look bad at 90's.

20:35 This is faster here than in the fast food counter! Directly the next one player. Aly Ryan now.

20:34 Now Ping-Pong Schulte-Urban – until Schöneberger stöckelt of the outside and the bushes between. Now – Zack! – next candidate.

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: Not all tones hit

20:34 In our opinion, not every idea was so clean …

20:33 Lots of bacon in the voice. The stage design is imaginative. Hagge all just in the hall hall. In the back, doors open. In addition, the Black Forest romance.

20:33 Hägele is singing. And very good. Okay, it would be stupid if I could not do it.

Gregor Hägele

© dpa / Britta Pedersen

20:32 By the way, the information that the songs were written together in the composing camp with x people from all over Europe. Well, I hope they're not funded by fees, all the fun …

20:31 Ah, now step. We're curious!

20:30 "For me personally, the song means hell a lot." The small 1×1 of the masters of the singer-composer Hägele.

20:29 Hangle with Selfie-Step at the Chinese Garden. He likes cooking. Ha.

20:28 Now the one player to Gregor Hägele. Since one set in the ARD is directly on emotions. Hägele on the guitar; says he is a writing baby – classic homestory.

20:27 Interesting information: What happens if two candidates have the same score at the end? Then the one that gets more points from the audience wins.

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: Schulte enters the commentator's cabin

20:25 By the way, every Twitter hashtags ESC is already pretty cool on Twitter.

20:25 "This could be a nice evening – if I do not know," said Schöneberger.

20:24 Schöneberger speaks very fast today.

20:23 The seven candidates sit in a kind of box in the audience. Yes, very close to the well-known fans.

20:22 Schulte and Threfol now with each other in the speaker's word.

20:21 Again to the dress by Schöneberger: Something funny hangs on the left arm. It looks like Rubik's Rubube & Cube, where you have colors.

20:20 Schulte goes to the commentator's cabin. Now the two girls are on stage. To start a modern talk joke. Joa, you can do it, but you do not have to …

20:19 Now Linda Zervakis reaches the stage. Interesting costume for both women. Schöneberger in a blue-hugging body dress. Zervakis has stopped black with trousers suit.

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: Barbara Schöneberger on piano

20:18 Now, in two years with the Schultes song "You Let Me Walk Alone". The audience likes it, great approval!

20:17 Barbara Schöneberger sings singing the piano. Green uniform, looks good. Again Michael Schulte, this time alive. Beautiful goosebumps entry.

20:16 The show starts with a review of the last ESC. Michael Schulte took fourth with her song. Balm for the serious German soul ESC.

20:14 It's up to date! The favorite today in the preliminary round of the ESC is Aly Ryan. After hearing all the songs, we agree with that opinion. But let's wait …

8.20 ESC makers have once again provided a downloadable scoring card. Here you can print the map and sailing at home.

2.20 Veterans PM ESC Peter Urban does not comment on the preliminary decision tonight alone. On his side is Michael Schulte. Last year's singer-songwriter was Germany in the Eurovision Song Competition, with the song "You Let Me Walk Alone" wins fourth respectable.

19:53 Some information about the candidates: Sisters

Laurita and Carlotta form Duood Duo. The two unmarried women want to convince the song "Sister". Laurita was even singing with Lena Meyer-Landrut.

The Duo Sisters will be the last to make ESC's leading vote tonight.

© dpa / Carsten Koall

19:45 Some information about the candidates: Linus Bruhn

Linus Bruhn comes from Hamburg. The 20-year-old football fan (HSV) comes tonight with "Our City" in the area. He also had "TVOG", with a lot of stage experience, because he played a part in the musical "Tarzan" for three years.

It appears in the ESC initial round: Linus Bruhn.

© dpa / Carsten Koall

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: Three candidates were "The Voice of Germany"

19:37 Some information about the candidates: Lilly Among the Clouds

"Syrpreis" is the number that Lilly Among Clouds wants to bring Israel. The artist's real name is Elisabeth Brüchner. Born in Straubing in 1989, the young woman moved to the USA. In the meantime, she is located again near Würzburg.

Lilly Among the Clouds in the exercise for the German round of ESC.

© dpa / Carsten Koall

19:31 Some information about the candidates: BB Thomaz

Actually BB Thomaz is called Beatrice Thomas. When the 34-year-old does not sing, she's learning Zumba or caring for her two and a half year old son. She also had "The Voice of Germany" – and only met Gregor Hägele. His song is called the ESC "Demons" initial vote.

After arriving before the initial ESC decision on Gregor Hägele: BB Thomaz candidate.

© dpa / Carsten Koall

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: Roots in Trinidad

19:21 Some information about the candidates: Makeda

Lockenkopf Makeda was born in 1990. The woman with roots in Trinidad performs the song "The Day I Loved You The Most" in the preliminary round of the ESC. Curious: She really wanted to be an inventor, instead, the singer is now in the soul at home.

Makeda is singing before the event.

© dpa / Carsten Koall

19:12 Little information about the candidates: Aly Ryan

Aly Ryan, who lives in the metropolis of the United States of America, is 21 years old. The native Hessin is called Alexandra Eigendorf, but chose the name of the platform. ESC fans want to inspire it with the song "Wear Your Love".

Aly Ryan in the ESC exercise.

© dpa / Carsten Koall

1.19 Some information about the candidates: Gregor Hägele

At age 19, Gregor Hägele is the cousin of the seven candidates. He comes from Stuttgart and begins with the song "Let Me Go". In 2017 he took part in the Pro7 casting "The Voice of Germany", but went out in the battles. All candidate information from www.eurovision.de

Cantor Gregor Hägele performs in practice for a German forwarding vote for the Eurovision Song Competition (ESC).

© dpa / Carsten Koall

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: What is to look at the Barbara Schöneberger costume?

18:29 The preliminary decision of the ESC will be completely a barrier for the first time this year. Methods: Even people with hearing impairments and people with a visual impairment can follow the event. Subtitles can be displayed on TV. ar eurovision.de there is a possibility of turning an additional audio track on it. For the additional information that has a visual impairment, it is described, such as: What is the look at Barbara Schöneberger's moderator's costume? In addition, the ESC introductory decision will be translated into a sign language on the web.

What will look at the barrel of the moderator Barbara Schöneberger (a shot of the 2017 initial vote)? Questions like these will be answered for those with a visual impairment for the first time this year.

© dpa / Sascha Steinbach

18:15 The most important hasht bags on Twitter today are: #UnserLiedfuerIsrael #ULfI # ESC2019 #ESC #Eurovision and #DaretoDream.

3.18 The Eurovision Song Competition will be held in Tel Aviv in May. In Israel, there has been a strong criticism of the incident recently. The reason: the ticket prices. If the cheapest ticket in the final in Lisbon in 2018 still costs € 35, then supporters now have to be at least 280 euros on board to attend event.

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: Participants' order was decided

17:48 By the way, the system that the seven artists perform in the ESC initial vote this evening is already certain. Gregor Hägele, Aly Ryan, Makeda, BB Thomaz, Lilly Among the Clouds, Linus Bruhn and Sisters.

17:31 There are two girls leading the night: Barbara Schöneberger (44) and Linda Zervakis (44). Tagesschau spokesman explains in a 48 second clip how the points are distributed. In fact quite simple, right?

17:19 If you're thinking what the songs like tonight, here are some examples of the seven songs.

7.17 Hello everyone! We welcome you very much to the live ticker before choosing an ESV selection. At 20.15 a clock it starts at the ARD. So far, we give you information about the stars and the stories. One thing is clear: the seven artists are allowed to practice at the ESC stage. Concerning a disaster – Patzer is not yet known. So that can only be good tonight!

Tonight it's so far! Germany is looking for a "single song for Israel" in the ARD for the same artist who can do it to the top of the Eurovision Song Competition.

When it starts today in Berlin on Friday at 8.15 pm, seven singers in the preliminary round of the ESC are fighting to represent Germany on the big international stage. Because who is "Our Song for Israel" will travel to Tel Aviv for the Eurovision Song Competition in May and perform his song there. The participants' field for the initial ESC German round was surprising at the last minute to seven.

Preliminary decision ESC 2019: Many music and even more stars

Musically, the ESC 2019 initial decision has a lot to offer. Although the candidates could be relatively unknown, the guest singers are not sure. Because after all candidates appear and the spectators, the Eurovision and the jury expert cast their votes, one star meets next one.

Among other things, he came to a reunion with the fourth of Michael Schulte the previous year and ESC 2010 winner Lena Meyer-Landrut. In addition, Revolverheld will be on stage. And as a special guest, the German rock legend Udo Lindenberg will perform with Andreas Bourani.

ESC fans expect not only many musical skills, but also very high in the initial ESC decision. The moderate will include the moderator Barbara Schöneberger and Linda Zervakis, who also promise the full potential of entertainment.


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