Tuesday , August 16 2022

Infection through the smallest droplets krone.at


What role do aerosols play in this?
It is understood that this means small particles of very low pressure that are expelled constantly with the air we breathe. They are released into the air through these (and not just droplets). Because this is constantly moving, aerosols due to their lightness float for several hours before they sink to the ground. Therefore, they can spread viruses over greater distances than droplets. Due to their higher weight, these sink to the ground much faster. Therefore, in times of colds, and of course especially now during the Corona crisis, the following applies: Regular ventilation reduces the risk of infection through aerosols. Because then fresh air flows into the room, while “contaminated” air flows out. Studies show that it makes more sense to open a window (“ventilate” for 3 minutes) instead of just tilting it. Wearing mouth and nose protection also reduces inhalation of droplets, aerosols and therefore viruses. This reduces the risk of infection – no matter what.

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