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There are 5 tips for successful diet change

The intention of eating a healthy one, rarely cooks and shopping is rarely complied with in the smallest cases. Many consumers do not meet prescribed drinking recommendations, especially in everyday life that is stressful.

One result of this is the lack of vitamin, which affects a surprising number of people – not notice it first. The longer the deficiency of vitamins, the aggravation of the symptoms and the results. Therefore, it is important to respond directly to the first signs and to resist the vitamin deficit simply with a dietary change.

Potential factors that cause a lack of vitamins and consistent recognition features

Stress is a very common reason due to lack of vitamins. Everyday work or concerns, stress among many users. Sometimes it makes sense for you to break yourself.

In addition, incorrect or unilateral diet often results in a vitamin deficiency. A varied and healthy food is the alpha and the omega for a balanced vitamin balance. In addition, the inappropriate preparation or storage of the food favors the loss of vitamins. Consumers should therefore abstain from cooking times and heat meals.

For example, symptoms associated with lack of vitamins often include extreme fatigue despite enough sleep, fatigue, concentration issues, depression, high tendency for minor infections, severe deterioration in performance, and More specific symptoms such as skin problems, joint pain, or one internal nervous disorders.

People usually notice the vitamin and / or nutrient deficiency first insect nails or hair loss. However, all these symptoms also occur in connection with other diseases, which is why a doctor should be consulted in the case of any cause in the case of persistent symptoms.

Tip 1: Feedingstuffs to prevent vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 is almost exclusively in feedingstuffs such as milk, yoghurt and cheese. Vegetables often suffer from lack of vitamin B12 deficiency. Who one Preventing vitamin B12 deficiency want, enough to eat feed. Therefore, this important vitamin deficiency is commonplace for users who are eating vegan and partly with vegetarians.

Often, vitamin B12 deficiency also affects older people, as it becomes more difficult during a lifetime to absorb and use this particular vitamin of the food. Vitamin B12 is a valuable nutrient that is not only very complex but also includes cobalt. There is no other vitamin with this tracing element. Vitamin B12 is particularly important for splitting cells, forming blood and the operation of the nervous system.

Whole milk, eggs, quark and cheese contain a lot of vitamin B12. In addition, consumers can also eat fish, crab, oysters, beef and lamb.

Tip 2: Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to prevent vitamin C deficiency

Especially during winter time, fruit and vegetables provide important nutrients and vitamins to go through the cool season. (Photo: © suju (CC0 Creative Commons)

Especially during winter time, fruit and vegetables provide important nutrients and vitamins to go through the cool season. Vitamin C deficiency can be relatively fast, because fruits and vegetables are the best possible suppliers here.

Unfortunately, the misunderstanding appears to spread more and more, that it is enough to take something healthy once a week. However, it is recommended that about 600 grams of vegetables are used daily. The thumbnail "5 sets of fruit and vegetables per day" is a good guide. The body needs vitamin C to keep the immune system healthy, to strengthen contact tissue and to produce enzymes, cholesterol and improve wounds.

Contains vitamin C, for example, in large quantities in roasted tomatoes, citrus fruits, potatoes, pepper, spinach, cabbage, kiwis, strawberries, broccoli, parsley, orange and bog. While in summer, the delicious fruit salad is the most popular option often for vitamin C taking in a particularly tasty form, cooked vegetable pan or alternatively recommended oven herbs in the winter.

Tip 3: Whole Nuts and Grains for More Vitamin B6

Many users lack a vitamin B6. Since the body, like most vitamins, can not produce it, it must be injured through the diet. In the body, vitamin B6 is responsible for the fat metabolism and amino acid as well as for a well-functioning immune system. In addition, there are one of the most important components of co-ops and strengthens nerves and defenses.

Included include vitamin B6, for example, in sunflower seeds, nuts and peas. In addition, whole grains, dried plums, green beans, cauliflower, tuna, salmon and bananas are very good vitamin B6 suppliers. In contrast to chip and Company, there are healthy snacks and, on the other hand, they provide the right amount of vitamin B6 during the relaxed evening program.

Tip 4: Fish and milk products to promote vitamin D home

Sub-supply of vitamin D is often due to another factor or potential reasons for its development. The body can produce vitamin D – but only if it receives enough sunlight.

In spring and summer, this is not a problem, but gray, autumn and winter times often cause a strong vitamin D deficiency, and that is why it must be then correct from the appropriate foods. It contains vitamin D in fish, tuna, sardines, cheese, salmon, herb, butter, yellow egg and milk.

It can also be taken on mushrooms, afocados and berries. Vitamin D is especially important for bones and tooth. It also prevents the correct amount of cardiovascular disease and depression.

Tip 5: Know and not exceed the daily requirement of vitamins

Vitamin supplements and supplements get more and more attention. However, the problem with this is the overdose, as it leads to the worst case, harmful poisoning. (Photo: © stevepb (CC0 Creative Commons)

Vitamin supplements and supplements get more and more attention. However, the problem with this is the overdose, as it leads to the worst case, harmful poisoning.

Consumers who have not recognized their vitamin deficiency, do not always choose to change a diet that takes a long time, but rather turn to vitamin supplements or dietary supplements. This method is special for many professionals to be more easily embedded in everyday stress, but it is not always useful. In the worst case, it can really come to an overflow.

For example, Stiftung Warentest warns against over-taking vitamin D supplements, as he can come here to scary symptoms. In this context, so it is important to know your own needs. Who wants to determine his daily requirement of vitamins, minerals and nutrients individually, informing himself on pages Austrian Society for Nutrition or in Federal Labor Administration, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection, The

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