Monday , January 17 2022

Here's how e-scooters are being halved in Mahü – Vienna


For security reasons, "Birds" break their e-scooters on Mariahilfer Straße Vienna through geofencing from 24 to 18.5 km / h. "Today" now made the braking test: On the two lines in front of the Museum in Vienna, new construction is accelerating the e-scooter to the stop to 25 km / h, when you turning "Mahü" reacts to the system – and immediately sends a message: "You are in a slow speed zone, the speed has decreased."

Still fast

Scooters and drivers are constantly tracked online.

After a while the e-scooter automatically slows down. There is not much difference. Even 18.5 km / h feel too fast between cars and pedestrians.

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