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Great festival nights in the 1990s

04/12/20 “Jutta Lampe has shaped my own and my generation’s views on theater in general and in particular the actress’s profession,” said festival director of theater Bettina Haring. The actress died at the age of 82.

“Her characters, radiant, unpredictable, ambiguous, seemingly timeless and always full of vibratory energy, became event through their portrayal and theater-making history,” Bettina Haring wrote in a memoir for the festival. Jutta Lampe was here for the first time in 1992 in a reading by William Shakespeare Venus and Adonis to prove in the year that Peter Stein took the lead in the acting. She not only linked Peter Stein to subsequent productions, where he excelled at the Salzburg Festival.

E.An artistic relationship that lasted for decades, beginning in the 1960s at Bremen’s Hansemic Free City theater for the legendary Schaubühne on Halleschen Ufer in Berlin with ensemble members such as Edith Clever, Angela Winkler, Bruno Ganz, Otto Sander and Ulrich Wildgruber, and only a few to call.

At the world premiere The balance by Botho Strauss, a dramatist and writer in the Schaubühne, and in the direction of Luc Bondy, Jutta Lampe played the central role of Lilly Groth in Salzburg in 1993, living two simultaneous existences. The role was written for her and corresponded to her filigree and at the same time playing concrete.

In Pirandellos The giants from the mountains In 1994, under the direction of Luca Ronconi, he played the role of Ilse, the leader of a group of actors who want to bring poetry to the people.

One review noted: “As a comedian dedicating her life to a poet’s legend, Jutta Lampe expands all her feminine charm and magic – she, too, is a magician, even without the conjurer’s grand gesture; that she let herself be overwhelmed by the spirit making her a wonderful human being. ”Like Lyubow Andrejewna Ranjewskaja in Chekhov Kirschgarten (Directed by Peter Stein) Once again, Jutta Lampe delighted audiences and critics in 1995. Jutta Lampe was on stage in a total of 71 performances at the Salzburg Festival. (PSF)

Images: Salzburg / Ruth Walz Festival (2); Bernd Uhlig (1)

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