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Day 77 in the criminal case against a former Finance Minister Grasser. a. Because of bribery and illegality privatization of Buwog.

08:40, 21 February 2019


In the case of yesterday against former Finance Minister Karl-Heinz Grasser and others, his former spokesperson and cabinet head, Matthias Winkler, as a witness, could not contribute significantly to the explanation. In many cases he referred to the long period of about 15 years, the date of the Buwog sale accused and leasing the Linzer Terminal Tower tax authorities.

Winkler was almost always from Grasser's ministry at the Ministry's side: From March 2000, he was his spokesman, later also the owner of the Cabinet until he resigned Office Attorney in January 2007. For questions For the content, he had to always be responsible After turning to officers or speakers Winkler emphasized: She had only an organizational interface function, but she is not satisfied.

Winkler previously described himself as the Minister's nearest professional secretary. In private he had not talked to the Minister about his marriage, even with this about his marriage. He did not know that Grasser had received 500,000 euros from his mother-in-law during his marriage and was transported from Switzerland to Austria in a car, since Grasser had not spoken to him about it. He was also not aware that Grasser questioned in the ministry about whether he had to declare the money on import, said Winkler.

Before Winkler, however, he was also a former secretary of Grasser in the witness box. Hohenecker was faced with a letter that was found on her computer in the office and, according to the text, came from a mother-in-law Grasser. In the letter, Grasser's mother-in-law, Marina Giori-Lhota, then asked the general director Raiffeisen-Oberösterreich, Ludwig Scharinger, if he knew about real estate investment opportunities, such as flat buildings. The secretary ensured that she was sure he had not written that.

The trial continues today with more witnesses from Cabinet Grassers and the Ministry of Finance.

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