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Frequency of vaccination by GPs is much less than expected


FREISTADT. Significantly lower than expected, obviously the suspected vaccinations. Therefore, doctors in the region do not want to leave the report, latest tips on the measles vaccine are not understood. Dr. Werner Stütz from Freistadt answered suggestions to the Regional Medical Representative.

Suggestions: Our report on the benefits and disadvantages of vaccine and measles has caused many reactions. What do I say from a medical point of view?

Support: The argument for vaccination is not controversial. Studies show that there is a doubt that the vaccine is significantly lower than expected. According to the Ministry of Health, in Austria in 2017, the measles vaccine for children between 2 and 5 years old was 81 per cent for the second vaccination and 89 per cent for children six to nine. The WHO targets a 95 percent rate to eradicate measles around the world.

Suggestions: Why is it important to delete measles?

Support: Measles can cause very serious illness and long-term outcomes. Ninety percent of all people who come into contact with the virus through green infection and who are not immune are falling ill. So the infection rate is very high, and especially in very young children and elderly people, the results can be severe.

Suggestions: What consequences can measles?

Support: Apart from the common rash disease, the immune system is weakened several months later and makes the patient vulnerable to further diseases. In around one in 1,000 victims, severe long-term results occur. One of these is the brain disease of the inflexible sclerosing panencephalitis name. It can occur after years of measles and almost always fatal. Especially vulnerable, there are very young children. So each individual has a responsibility towards those who can not be vaccinated.

Suggestions: When should you have your own vaccination or your children?

Support: The recommended timing for rash-rubber vaccination (MMR) has reduced to nine months two years ago. The second vaccination can be done as soon as three months later. Vaccination of adults without a second documented vaccine or without corresponding vaccine consent – ie antibodies that can be found in the blood – at any time is free at the headquarters of the area.

Tips: Vaccine opponents like to argue with serious consequences of immunization.

Support: Information about vaccine damage often comes from unfavorable information from the internet. There is a clear connection between autism and MMR vaccination in many studies. Many diseases occur during the first time during childhood, after vaccinations often a connection seems logical. Complications of course follow vaccinations. It can cause a fever that is handled and can be transmitted quickly. Vaccine cream, vaccination response to the vaccine is only a few weeks after the measles vaccine, also self-restricted. In the spray site, redness or swelling may occur, which, in most cases, is unacceptable. In rare cases there are allergic reactions to the vaccine.

Tips: In children, a six-hour vaccination is provided. Some parents are afraid of this "club".

Support: The number of antigen in the vaccines has now decreased significantly, so the vaccine is six more stringent than the previous single vaccines.

Suggestions: Where is uncertainty advice on vaccination?

Support: All GPs are willing to give you advice. No-one is stunned that he does not want to vaccinate his children. We would like to advise parents and parents to help protect the children in the best possible way.

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