Wednesday , January 27 2021

FPÖ and Identitarians: There are further intelligence services to report directly to the Chancellor

The Chancellor is therefore following the results of recent Christchurch assassin Austria and to the identities, it was said, noting a spokesperson for the Chancellor. In the People's Party, it is thought FPO the plans will also be for their own benefit. An appropriate amendment had already been set in the government's program.

Van der Bellen encouraged expansion

Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen has encouraged the. t reporting requirements the best expansion of intelligence services to government. This should ensure not only that liberal ministries have sovereignty over intelligence services. A working group has been meeting on the reform plans for a long time. In an independent location in the Chancellery federal In future, the fragmented capabilities of legal protection officers (defense, interiors, justice and security) will be discussed Ministry of Finance).

y FPO Monday was finding it difficult to distance itself from the identities after Kurz called for separation of any links. "For the Famous Movement, it is within the. T FPO For over a year, a clear decision by the Federal Party Board, which prohibits someone who is an active member of the identities, is a function within the t FPO it can take. There is no institutional or financial integration of FPO with the identity, "said General Secretary FP Christian Hafenecker in a broadcast.

No other party has clear rules and boundaries of the "political profit" like that FPO"Our guaranteed legal rule of Austria is the benchmark that applies to all citizens" Hafeneckerwhich had also complied with the current "Red-Red-Red Statement" FPO It is unmistakable to any kind of extremism and to freedom, democracy and the rule of law. Efforts to close the FPO to compile the identities, he described it as "unassuming".

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