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Formula 1: Fourth day of testing in the living ticker


Since 14:00, Formula 1 teams continue with their test trips in Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona. Who sets the next peak times after the smaller teams around Toro Rosso have been dominated again on the "early shift"? also receives the last test day this week in the detailed Liveticker.

Clock ++++ 15:10: Toro Rosso continues to be consistent +++

The little sister of Red Bull is still regarded as the most positive surprise of the tests so far. Not only that, both drivers Alex Albon and Daniil Kvyat still lead the site of the fastest plots. Even the long periods of Scuderia are convincing so far.

+++ 15:01 clock: Daily classification at 15:00 clock +++

1. Alexander Albon (Toro Rosso) | 1: 17,637 min. 54 obstacles have been sent
2. Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) | 1: 17,785 min. 34 obstacles have been sent
third Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) | 1: 17,977 minutes 58 lains completed
4. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) | 1: 18,046 min. 78 fallen drops
5. Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) | 1: 18.356 minutes 11 driving goals
6. Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) | 1: 18,511 min. 73 floors have to drive
7. Romain Grosjean (Haas) 1: 18,563 min. 64 dropped drivers
8. Pierre Gasly (Red Bull) 1: 19,495 minutes 70 troop drive
9. Norris Country (McLaren) | 1: 19.543 minutes 48ft drive
10. Kevin Magnussen (Haas) 1: 19.837 minutes 11 driving goals
11. Lance Stroll (Racing) 1: 20.026 min. 47 driving places
12. Robert Kubica (Williams) 1: 21,542 min. 48ft drive

+++ 14:54 clock: Where is Russell? +++

What's happening with Williams again? The session is almost an hour away, but the young Brit, who was supposed to take over for Robert Kubica, is still on any path. Even the laptop was not even the young young man out.

+++ 14:46 clock: Bottas convinced on hard tires +++

Mercedes makes it exciting and leaves with a fast-paced upcoming game. But this circulation is a clear sign! On the hard C2 tires on the road, Valtteri Bottas succeeds only 1: 18.356 lap. Even if he does not have seventy at the best time of Alex Albon, this should be a real point!

+++ 14:39 clock: lap time from Gasly +++

As mentioned earlier, Gasly drives longer running on the yellow C3 tires. It's just now coming back to the box. His last lap times: 1: 19.6 – 1: 37.6 – 1: 21.3 – 1: 21.2 – 1: 21.6 – 1: 21.8 – 1: 22.1 – 1: 22.4 – 1: 23.0 – 1: 23.3 – 1: 24.0 – 1 : 23.8 – 1: 24.6 – 1: 23.8

+++ 14:32 clock: Bottas still not peak time +++

Mercedes is now busy on the slopes. Again, the Finn is behind her, is currently driving her seventh round. As it has the harder tire mix it is not expected to turn fast. So far, Bottas stands today at 1: 20.253 minutes.

+++ 14:28 clock: Ricciardo makes hope for more +++

At the end of the early session, Daniel Ricciardo became the newcomer of Renault with a strong round 1: 17.785. The yellow badgers even consider much better time as much as it says colleagues of "": "More, but I do not know if & # 39 ; n second! Our DRS works now with what we have as good as possible to drive, but we'll see it's still a bit bigger. "

+++ 14:20 clock: Gasly on tires C3 on the way +++

Red Bull driver, Pierre Gasly, still stays with absolute peak time. It also proves the durability of its vehicle today and has the toughest tires on the road. We may see it again today on the C5-pnews, with Alex Albon driving the best absolute time.

+++ 14:14 clock: +++ best conditions

With these track conditions he must be something with a new best time. There is a bright blue sky waiting for the ten riders on the pist. Who has been keeping it in the dark garage for a long time?

+++ 14:12 clock: Leclerc expresses +++

After her first four hours in the car, one of Charles Leclerc's met on the F1-TV microphone said: "The balance is already very good, it's not like a new car, it's already looking as an advanced one. " Of course, we do not know the extent to which others still hold back. "Monegasse also said he had spent six weeks in Maranello in the winter to get to know his environment and a new crew.

+++ 14:05 clock: Green banner! Continue on +++

The track is still released. We are curious about which team will set the first draw mark this afternoon. Antonio Giovinazzi is the first to get out of the pool lane and start his laptop.

+++ 2:00 pm: Start for the "late shift" +++

Today, four teams change their drivers to the "late shift". So, Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, Romain Grosjean and Robert Kubica are closed today. In these occupations it will continue in a few minutes:

Mercedes: Valtteri Bottas
Ferrari: Charles Leclerc
Red Bull: Pierre Gasly
Renault: Nico Hulkenberg
Haas: Kevin Magnussen
McLaren: Norris Country
Racing Point: Lance Stroll
Alfa Romeo: Antonio Giovinazzi
Toro Rosso: Alex Albon
Williams: George Russell

+++ 13:50 clock: Welcome back +++

We are back from the northeast of Spain. Ten riders will be back in ten minutes to prove for the forthcoming F1 season. Prior to the lunch break, Alex Albon in the Toro Rosso and Daniel Ricciardo at the Renault, who was on the fastest tire mix, were convinced of each other. Charles Leclerc, a young young man of Ferrari, has not yet made a round on the soft C5 tires.

Everything is important to the "Frühschicht" from 9:00 to 13:00:

Alexander Albon sets the best time on Thursday morning in Formula 1 tests in Barcelona. The driver of Toro Rosso led the board a surprise time, thanks to a lap in 1: 17.637 minutes, making the fastest match of the week, went against his team Daniil Kvyat (1: 17.704 on Wednesday) .

In the second place was Daniel Ricciardo at the Renault (+0.148 seconds). The Australian as Albon was on the soft Pirelli mix C5 on the road. The global champion, Lewis Hamilton, at Mercedes was satisfied himself (probably with more fuel on board and one more difficult C4 step with a third part (+0.340 seconds). ; The Silver Arianau for the first time in front of Ferrari.

Charles Leclerc, who was very aggressive on C2 tires, finished fourth (+0.409). In addition: Hamilton was on the way to the best time on the C3 medium-hard tires, which would have come closer to a fraudulent point. But in the final corner, he ran on the slow Robert Kubica and he had to leave the racing race not to screw Williams to the back. The round was destroyed and the scene came to have a possible taste of the W10.

At 2:00 pm, the second part of the fourth day of the test will continue at present.

Solve Gearbox problems at McLaren

McLaren managed to eradicate recent transfer problems. However, Gwlad Norris (8./+2.065) started at the beginning, and it was said that it was as a result of cold tires, but its curious appearance could, according to other reasons that could not be officially communicated. Racing Point with ambitious sparkling Lance Strolls was observed (9./ +2.389).

Williams restricted himself on the first full day of the tests for his FW34 on aerodynamic measures. Robert Kubica (10./4-4.069) was several times in the way of competitors and despite his speeds of snails, spray, which occurred without external influence.

The "Frühschicht" live ticket for reading:

+++ 13:04 clock: The classification for lunchtime +++

1. Alexander Albon (Toro Rosso) | 1: 17,637 min. 44 drops have drunk
2. Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) | 1: 17.85 min. 34 obstacles have been sent
third Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) | 1: 17,977 minutes 58 lains completed
4. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) | 1: 18,046 min. 75 drops have drunk
5. Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) | 1: 18,511 min. 56 obstacles have been sent
6. Romain Grosjean (Haas) 1: 18,563 min. 64 dropped drivers
7. Pierre Gasly (Red Bull) 1: 19,495 minutes 52 obstacles have been sent
8. Norris Country (McLaren) | 1: 19.543 minutes 47 driving places
9. Lance Stroll (Racing) 1: 20.026 min. 41 drops have drunk
10. Robert Kubica (Williams) 1: 21,542 min. 48ft drive

+++ 13:00 clock: Hamilton makes the cover on +++

The world champion is the last on the track. After another long running on the middle tire compound, the champus continues to increase its knee number. Will Hamilton again be against Valtteri Bottas in the next season? Just vote with us:

+++ 12:54 clock: Hulkenberg carefully + + +

Again, Daniel Ricciardo showed a strong performance in the Renault. As compared to his "Motorsport Magazin" colleagues, his new team again emphasized that he does not put a lot of emphasis on the times he has driven so far: "I am It does not interpret too much in it. Especially the tests in Barcelona must be treated carefully. "

+++ 12:47 clock: New best time! Alex Albon on Fire! +++

There is still the best absolute time of the previous test week! On the tire composite producer, Alex Albon burns 1: 17.637 for tarmac, once again highlights the strong performance of Toro Rosso.

+++ 12:43 clock: travel from Leclerc +++

We still hope for the best time by the adventures of Ferrari. But there will be nothing before lunch breaks. After an involuntary trip to the gravel Leclerc sends inevitably to the pools.

+++ 12:35 clock: many new things +++

At the end of the "early shift", some riders are again pushed at the speed. Romain Grosjean fought a few thousand seconds from a moment to his best time. Likewise Alex Albon in Toro Rosso. Meanwhile, Valtteri Bottas said about the recent performance of the Money Cash: "No doubt, Ferrari looks very strong, at least we are not miles ahead of each other, we need to focus on ourselves, & # 39 ; It's important where we stand in Melbourne and not after four days of testing. "Very OK!

+++ 12:25 clock: Hamilton on the fastest tires +++

The World Champion is running longer on the soft tire compound on the road. In fact we had expected a new new absolute time. But he's waiting away. Hamilton has just turned back into the pool lane without being able to improve. Money arrows still do not put all the cards on the board.

+++ clock 12:21: The tires compounds of recent years +++

Anyone who has thought what tires are available to the teams in the coming season and what has come from the tires of recent years: this is the answer

F1 tires last years

F1 tires last years

+++ 12:16 clock: Leclerc logs back +++

For the last hour, the young young Ferrari, Charles Leclerc, has been taking it quite quietly. Now the Monegasse is back on the pist and turns her fastest person's lap on C3 tires. At the highest time of the whole week by Daniil Kvyat but also the attitude of Leclerc (not yet).

+++ 12:08 clock: Kubica with Dreher +++

F1, Robert Kubica, has now completed 32 laps, but it's just a shock experience. Soon before the start and finish, the Pole lost control of Williams, once turned on his own axle. The whole clear thing goes straight away. Kubica continued without problems.

+++ 12:00 clock: The current distribution on gip +++

1. Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) | 1: 17,913 min. 30ft drive
second Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 1: 17,977 minutes 29 troi drive
3. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) | 1: 18,475 min. 45 fallen drops
4. Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) | 1: 18,511 min. 37 lains have been driven
5. Romain Grosjean (Haas) 1: 18,893 min | 48ft drive
6. Pierre Gasly (Red Bull) | 1: 19,495 minutes 29 turn drives
7. Norris Country (McLaren) | 1: 19.702 minutes 33 feet drive
8. Alexander Albon (Toro Rosso) | 1: 19.755 minutes 27 obstacles have been sent
9. Lance Stroll (Racing) 1: 20.026 min. 29 turn drives
10. Robert Kubica (Williams) 1: 21.706 minutes 30ft drive

+++ 11:52 Cloc: Best teams on the middle tire mix + +++

The absolute test is still very meaningful, as the team has not been on the most soft and fastest tires to date. Satisfaction is happening in Renault, which is absolutely competitive on the fourth day of testing and leaving hope for the season.

+++ 11:41 clock: Norris improves on C3 +++ tires

The McLaren man of the Norris Country is improving and improving on the right track with a middle tire mix. Only the young boy who spent the best of his day with records 1: 19.702. Robert Kubica, who is about two seconds slower than the competition, is now a real outbreak time.

+ + + 11:32 clock: Ricciardo sets an exclamation ++ ++ mark

Well look at it! Daniel Ricciardo is provoking Lewis Hamilton's best time of day. In 1: 17.193 minutes he turns the fastest game of the day. On the soft C4 tires, the Renault appears to have worked very well to date. When is the competition counter?

+++ 11:26 clock: Kubica faster +++

After the person who returns to slow down the first few hours, Williams driver now raises some speed. With a fastest personalized game of 1: 22.681 minutes, it's still tenth.

Clock +++ 11:16: What is Toro Rosso really? +++

Alexander Albon is currently in the fifth place with time 1: 19.763. In general, the rookie has dropped 21 barriers to date.

+++ 11:06 clock: Hamilton hit back +++

But now! For just a few minutes ago, Robert Kubica stood in the way, Hamilton takes over again with lap 1: 18.337 daily distribution. After a short period, the C4 tires are at the end. The world champion comes back to the garage.

+++ 11:00 am: Current distribution in overview +++

1. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) | 1: 18,475 min. 30ft drive
second Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 1: 18,518 | 18 breaks
3. Romain Grosjean (Haas) 1: 18,893 min | 33 feet drive
4. Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) | 1: 18,954 min | 23 turn drives
5th Lance Stroll (Racing) 1: 20,141 min | 18 breaks
6. Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) | 1: 20,259 min | 20 feet have to drive
7. Pierre Gasly (Red Bull) 1: 20,481 16 troop drive
8. Alexander Albon (Toro Rosso) | 1: 21,541 | 13 fall after driving
9. Norris Country (McLaren) | 1: 23874 | A total of 17 voices were completed
10. Robert Kubica (Williams) 1: 46,262 15 loops have driven

+++ 10:58 clock: Lance Stroll with Dreher +++

The Canada turns just before the cake, but it can continue immediately.

+++ 10:44 clock: Hamilton is stopped by Kubica +++

The world champion does not want to be left alone. In the first two sectors, Hamilton sets a new best time. But Robert Kubica stands in the way in which English is, so he must use the exit zone to avoid an accident. The round has gone!

+++ 10:35 clock: Leclerc is more than Hamilton +++

Now Charles Leclerc is serious! With a lap time of 1: 18.475 minutes, the Ferrari driver sets a new record of the day. Hamilton takes almost four tenths. By the way, Leclerc is on C2 tires.

+++ 10:29 clock: Hamilton-Verbremser with no results +++

First Leclerc, then Hamilton! The top two drivers slow down after the long finish immediately and they have to correct to stop a trip. But no problem: I both go without problems. Then the five-time champion turns back to the pool lane. In general, the money arrows have everything under control.

+++ 10:27 clock: Only Albon without time +++

In the meantime, nine of the ten "early shift" pilots have completed an enclosed bell. Alex Albon is only in Toro Rosso that does not appear in the time table again.

Clock +++ 10:21: Hamilton and Leclerc push at +++ speed

Slowly the drivers are out of style! Although Leclerc and Hamilton are on the hard C2 tires, they both push at the speed. In 1: 18,800 minutes, the world champion manages a very peak time in his Mercedes. There is little presumption of what the promoter can do when traveling on the soft tires first.

+++ 10:15 clock: No damage in Norris +++

Take a deep breath in the City of Norris! After providing the first excitement of the day with a trip to the gravel bed, its McLaren was immediately transported to the pools. After a short check of the mechanic, the rookie is back on track.

+++ 10:05 am: Leclerc loses measure + ++ sensor

Charles Leclerc has done something too disproportionate about the curbs before starting and finishing. A measurement detector broke on his left wing left wing.

+++ 10:00 clock: Current distribution in overview +++

1. Romain Grosjean (Haas) 1: 19,905 min | 16 troop drive
2. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) | 1: 21,029 min. 7 driving floors
3. Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) | 1: 21,223 min | 5 driving goals
4. Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) | 1: 21,362 min. 9ft drive
5th Lance Stroll (Racing) 1: 21,735 min | 5 driving goals
6. Norris Country (McLaren) | – | 5 driving goals
7. Alexander Albon (Toro Rosso) | – | 3 goals left to drive
8th Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – | 1 driving goal
9. Pierre Gasly (Red Bull) | – | 5 driving goals
10. Robert Kubica (Williams) – | 5 driving goals

+++ 9:53 clock: Sign Aero +++ Test

In practice, all drivers are currently busy steering their cars that have recently been converted around the circuit. Curious compositions on the vehicles do not allow fast wrapping times. An overview of the peak times so far is usually available on the hour.

+++ 9:44 clock: Even Gasly shows +++

Now we're seeing Peter Gasly, the advent of Red Bull on the path for the first time. The French screwing has a famous gray gauge, so it's mostly the way to aerodynamic tests on the way.

+++ 9:38 clock: Let's go + +++

After about a quarter of an hour, we are staying here on the Catalunya Circuit. Romain Grosjean wished to be the first pilot back on the slopes. With lap 1: 23.051, the French set the first point of the day.

+++ 9:31 clock: The best times so far +++

We have the time to look at driver times. Daniil Kvyat shook on Wednesday afternoon with the best absolute time of the previous F1 tests. But both Ferraris and the old player Kimi Raikkonen have already put blast points. To Mercedes? They still take it easily. More: Times and the top in the Formula 1 tests

+++ 9:26 clock: The session was still interrupted with +++

The Marshall Islands are still busy recovering the recurrent cars of the gravel bed. But then it should return. Fortunately, nothing happens. However, the departure is likely to break the traditional racing team's schedule slightly.

+++ clock 9:21: Red flags! Norris flies off +++

Now we have published the age of 19, so beautiful, because it's already flying away. Despite low speeds, the Briton loses control of your McLaren and lands in the shingle. The first impression did not look like a driving mistake. Let's wait and see what the team will tell us.

+++ 9:19 clock: McLaren holds the +++ worm

As the days before, here is the McLaren team who works hard for the first time. Norris Country has taken over again for Carlos Sainz today and is currently the only driver on the track. However, it's probably just for installation purposes. The rookie has not yet reached a fast game.

+++ 9:12 am: Problems with Toro Rosso? +++

Yesterday, Daniel Kvyat was still outstanding with the journey time around the whole week, but it seems today that a technical problem starts. Shortly after leaving the garage Alex Albon ends and has to be pushed back. Already, he started his first day of testing in Formula 1 in good faith for Thai: After five times he went off with a spin.

+++ 9:08 clock: almost all out + + +

Almost all teams were already on the road and driving out for a first set round. There's only Pierre Gasly in the Red Bull and Alex Albon in the Toro Rosso still in the garage.

+++ 9:01 clock: Green flag: Let's take a four++ day

And so we'll start the last day of the tests for this week. We're looking forward to the World Champion Mercedes. Money Money has been profoundly profound over the long run in recent days and raced the majority after Ferrari. On running very quickly Bottas and Hamilton have rejected so far. That could change today. We are very excited …

+++ 8:55 am: Robert Kubica returns +++

After the league, George Russell collected the first test kitchens for the Williams team yesterday, a veteran this morning, Robert Kubica, takes over. The old master has arranged for 13 clocks. Kubica returns to Formula One this year after nine years of abstinence. In recent years he has been an active driver as a test driver at Renault and Williams. The other designers will start the day with the following cast.

+++ 8:51 clock: Everything that's worth knowing last days +++

Did you miss the final tests of Formula 1? No problem: Here you can read the most important thing again: point out in F1 tests: Kvyat pops out the best time

+++ 8:49 am: The best conditions in Catalonia +++

Today's external conditions are ideal for intense test drives. There are already about seven degrees in northern Spain. The thermometer is supposed to climb to 15 degrees today.

+++ 8:45 am: da da o Barcelona +++

Hello and welcome to the fourth day of the Formula 1 season test test of 2019. Also on Thursday, we are offered a nine-hour offer of live program again. From 9:00 a clock sets the "early shift", after the lunchtime of 13 to 14 clocks, then it takes over the "late shift".

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