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Forest Fires in California – Malibu Flame Hell also met celebrities


Malibu, California (APA / dpa) – Like tens of thousands of people in southern California, Uschi Obermaier has also fled from the flames. "Today, I'm really afraid, because the fires are already near, and Santa Ana's winds reach up to 60 miles an hour," said Munich's son in a telephone interview.

She usually lives in the mountains of Topanga Canyon, to the east of Malibu. But the whole region is being removed, the pre-German model has found a shadow with a dog in a friend in a safe distance. The 72-year-old is worried about her house on the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains. For 15 years she lives there, in the middle of nature, but also "in the middle of a dangerous wind line," said Obermaier, one of the most famous faces of the 1968 movement in Germany. She has often suffered a fire in the dry state. "But the fires have gotten worse".

After a trip he came back to the house on Friday. Thick clouds of smoke were worn behind the canyon. "Your heart will sink to your knees," said Obermaier on Sunday (local time). The traffic lights were no longer going, no electricity in the house, no telephone. She just went with her dog and a little clothes she went straight away.

For some, the worst fears have already come true – they are dramatic images showing the flaming sea and the extent of destruction in many regions. It is particularly disastrous for the small town of Paradise in the north of the state. Here, the fire destroyed more than 6,000 houses since Thursday. At least 31 people died in the flames in Paradise and Malibu.

Around Malibu wondered the "Woolsey" fire that drove many celebrities to fly. Even Thomas Gottschalk (68) and the wife of Thea are affected: her house was destroyed, the entertainer said Sunday. "I can not say anything because I do not have the words," Gottschalk told the newspaper "Bild" on Monday. "I had the poem" The Panther "in Rainer's handwriting Maria Rilke hanging on the wall. It's got up in flames like the stairs where my children have always wondered."

His neighbor, the US singer Miley Cyrus (25), is also affected. "My house has gone, but the memories I'll share with family and friends continue," he said on Twitter. Author selling children Cornelia Funke, Germany, has left behind the devastating fires whose farm is Malibu, as she writes on her website. A friend and colleagues took care of the house and barn.

The Hollywood star, Gerard Butler (48, "300") announced his loss with a photo of weighing rubble and a burning vehicle. "A frightening time for California," he said, thanking firefighters for their tireless efforts.

"We've lost our house," said Doctor Strange's director, Scott Derrickson, on Twitter on Friday, but here he and his family escaped from "hell". On Sunday, he posted a photograph of a few properties that found "wholly" in the ash, including a bowl of a plant, plastic toy and sooty glass.

Her two sons are harder to lose their property, Derrickson wrote to the short message service. German director Wim Wenders, a friend of the family, told his 15-year-old son, Comfort: "Hold up your memories, no-one can burn that."

The singer Robin Thicke and Canadian creator Neil Young wrote in social media about losing their homes. On the other hand, others were released to learn that they had removed the flames. "We had a lot of luck," said television personnel, Caitlyn Jenner, in a video on Instagram on Sunday. The hills of their surroundings have been burned black, but their house in Malibu is still standing, in the midst of the destruction.

The singer Barbra Streisand, long-term owner of the famous site, thanked in a tweet on Sunday all the firefighters "who sometimes put their lives at risk". Whilst her villa still stands, she did not write.

He would hardly imagine the size and power of the fire, said Obermaier. The flame had eaten up to the sea, and a shiny ash had flown along the coast road. The threat of fire now stops throughout the year. "There was a fire season that ended from September to December, and now we have fires by the time," Obermaier complained. Climate change with persistent drought is getting worse & the situation.

She had loved California for a long time, but for many reasons – "not just because of the fire and because of Donald Trump" – she now wants to move away. She was looking for a house on the Algarve coast in Portugal, said the 72-year-old. But Malibu will survive in the recent fire disaster, says Obermaier. "People rebuild their homes."

This has always been the case, in the past, in 1993, after one of the worst fires in the Malibu area, when three people were killed. Burning almost 300 houses at the time, including Sean Penn and Ali McGraw actress mansions.

The surf's paradise is still a magnet for celebrities: the singer and actor Lady Gaga, director and winner Oscar, Guillermo del Toro, and seren reality, Kim Kardashian, Tom Hanks, Martin Sheen, is Orlando Bloom some of the famous names. "It's also a beautiful place," said Obermaier. "And no one is more security."

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