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For the "Lindenstraße": Beimer's mother must retire – TV



For the "Lindenstraße": the mother of Beimer must retire

Scoring for supporters: After 35 years, ARD is giving the best hit "Lindernstraße" series. His inventor Hans W. Geißendörfer is harassing.

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Mother Beimer now needs to have a lot of fried eggs. She always does that when she is sad. This time, however, the disease is especially great. And the nation's mother will have enough time in the future. Because the "Lindenstraße", the ARD warhorse and next to the "crime scene" should be given the most successful sausage of German television in general. After over 34 years. That's what ARD program managers decided. It will not come to an end immediately, the final episode will be broadcast in March 2020. But then it's sure it should be over.

"The decision has not easily made the TV program of the ARD TV," as the program announced, Volker Herres, on Friday. The series is an "icon" and is a "reflection of a republic". "But we have to say sober and scared: The audience's interest and inevitable savings are incompatible with the production costs for such a quality series." In fact, the quotas had fallen sharply recently. At peak times in 1991, the average of the year was 10.2 million viewers (market share of 46.3 per cent), compared to only 2.18 million (and 8.9 per cent) in the current year.

First, the series came soon in the final gym

In younger formats such as "Babylon Berlin" shows that the ARD is genuine and less quota-fixed, here are quite different budgets that have been folded. The "Lindenstraße" is due to the fact that the staff of the series are always radically reviving, but the audience was older. The other fact, however, has been for a long time that the broadcaster and series maker, in particular their inventor Hans W. Geißendörfer, are invariably invariably. So, the first, in the inconceivable early days, for example, during the Olympics, the stable slot on an early Sunday night had always disappeared and some episode end program or even banned into channel One party. Geißendörfer had always criticized this loudly.

For the set-out, it is again rearing its laurels. Geißendörfer, father of "Lindenstraße", television history wrote: "He and all the participants are respected and thankful." For those who do the series, which will be followed on Sunday by the 1696 episode, this will sound like a fake. "Lindenstraße stands for a political and social commitment, freedom of expression, democracy, equal rights for all and integration, which is more important than ever at times of right wing and xenophobia," said Geißendörfer even after issuing the decision.

For a long time, "Lindenstraße" was a culture: the first endless series of German television spreading to the rooms and kitchens and thus to the soul of the Germans. Many viewers have done here for the first time to recognize with Greeks or Chinese, this is the first gay kiss and also those with German TV as the first AIDS. Reflection of sensitivity, which welcomed Geißendörfer. The "Coronation Street" was an explanatory role model – which was broadcast on British television since 1960 – as well as Geissendörfer's memories of their own childhood in a tenement.

When the series started on December 8, 1985, however, it was only a bit of bad. It was mainly due to the cheap video quality to start. After all, this was resolved soon with conventional film material. The criticism of the flat figures and the stories but did not give her up. Many actors were attacked personally, so they can often play with tears. Some even jump and they had to be performed by other performers.

But the great excitement of one of the final fireworks of the television nation, again the whole family of zusammenscharten, came very quickly, as everyone found here an identifying figure, even Stammtischparolenschwinger. Nevertheless, the Republic's series lived in the open multicultural society. It also included the integrity of all the arguments that were held in Germany heroically – or even motivated at all.

That was a recipe for success for a long time. Soon, the television audience knew the "Lindenstraße" (who is supposed to play in Munich, but filtered in Cologne) is soon better than co-tenants in their block themselves. And many actors have actually shot "Lindenstraße" for over 30 years, becoming older and older, such as Gabi Zenker, Gung with Beimer's confectionery or wornwear. Of course, Marie-Luise Marjan has even inherited Inge Meysel as the mother of the nation. And it became something like the conscience of a German housewife.

To the end, "Lindenstraße" keeps up with the times. Even involuntarily. Because the series is now talking about the end of classic television and traditional consumer behavior. Boys have long been watching completely different formats, and not now from television providers, but from streaming services. It is quite possible that a few viewers who have turned out of the series for a long time have been looked at again with the old good recipients. They still have time until March 2020. The ARD promises "many more interesting results". And it's a great final.

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