Friday , May 27 2022

For 47-year-olds – the death of Waldviertlerin (50): U-Haft asked


The man was not depressed in his police query, said spokesman Franz Hütter. Yesterday, if legal proceedings were taken against the couple at the Krems Regional Court, he confirmed the request of the "Bezirksblätter" report.

Against the man is also determined because of opposition against authority and state state. According to the spokesman for the office of prosecutor, he is said to have been acting as aggressively towards the police and rescue teams. During Friday, the booking application must be determined.

The 50 year old person was found unemployed on Wednesday night in the couple's house in a borough in the area, her husband had contacted the emergency services. The cause of death was unclear on Friday. An autopsy did not show any evidence of third party debt. The result of a toxic report is expected.

In the case of the trial scheduled for Thursday, the allegations against the man were for serious physical damage, and the wife had to answer for false evidence. It is said that the 47-year-old had broken cuts and light cuts on the face of his partner in May 2017. It is said that the woman had subsequently testified at a police hearing that she had been seriously injured by an unknown person and her husband was not a coach.

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