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Food Watch: an election for the most heavy ads was launched


Users can now vote on what products supermarkets will have the negative price for the most popular advertising bid 2018. The German Foodwatch consumer organization nominated five candidates. As well as large-known corporations such as Coca-Cola and Heinz, it is also an organic market.

Food Watch will award its negative prize for the eighth year. The "winner" can be voted on the Internet until 2 December. Last year, the title went to children over-sugared biscuits by Alete.

"Steam-distyll" mineral water

The first candidate is "Smartwater Glacéau" from Coca-Cola. According to Water Water, water is first evaporated and then collected again. Lost minerals would be added later. That would be worthless and expensive, because in the trade the liter costs € 1.65 and therefore up to seven times more than conventional mineral water. Coca-Cola stated at the request that "the strictly regulated manufacturing process gives this taste a distinct, clear, fresh and low quality water". Everything complies with legal regulations.

Nominee products

Watching food

These five candidates nominated Food Watch

Olive oil is only olive oil

Candidate two is "Bratöl Olive" of the Denius Biomarket. Although the label advertising large olive oil, it contains 49 percent of sunflower oil. That is allowed by law. Dennree said on request to take the nomination seriously and has already redesigned the labels. The new sticker, which is the next to see the sunflower oil, from beginning to next year to carry all bottles.

According to information from the user organization, it is also legal that the Edeka "Good and Cheap" brand peer stuff should be advertised so that it has the product "without additive additives". At the bottom of the board, consumer advocates said they had ten additives. Edeka described that the label was "correct and not misleading." It is not, as allegedly, flavor additives or colors. Essentially, it would be necessary for the production of bacon and bacon.

More expensive children's conglomerate

The candidate of four Heinz's crew maker comes. According to the consumer organization, "Tomato Ketchup" is at 6.30 euros per liter and "Tomato Ketchup" at 4.28 euros. A list of ingredients and nutrient information of both products is the same. Heinz justified the price differences upon request with the fact that smaller packaging size like the children's bush cost more, and "core items" such as a classic couple of supermarkets are I'd like to sell them in the price war with each other.

The fifth candidate is the "Corny Milch" grain bar of Schwartau. Although this gives her a healthy image "with the complex in calcium" and "with valuable grains", it contains almost 30 percent of sugar and 20 percent fat. That's more than a chocolate cream cake, according to Food Protection. First, Schwartau did not take any job.

Food Watch generally demands tighter legal requirements for food labeling. The answer could not be the customers learned to steer a jungle of fraud, according to consumer advocates. Instead, manufacturers would need to identify products honestly and easily understandably, as a nutrition label in the traffic light colors.


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