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Following praise of criticism: The Kasper Theater for the World Cup


Without Florian Madl to Susann Frank

Seefeld – The beginning was so agreeable. President FIS, Gian Franco Kasper, President ÖSV Peter Schröcksnadel and Seefeld Mayor Werner Frießer sat in the podium for the opening press conference on the Seefeld home world championship, and entertained the even title competitors before the official start signal. "When I arrived here, I was convinced that we would have a fairytale of winter and snow. Organizers have done a great job, expectations are very high. 39: It is convinced that we have, perfectly, World Championships, "said Kasper.

He has tears in his eyes

ÖSV Peter Schröcksnadel's head stressed that everything had to do very well. "I'm hoping for fair and untidy fighting," said the Tyrolean. And Mayor Werner Frießer admitted: "I had tears in my eyes when he started to be a hard year of preparation."

If we had to check every city for the prostitutes, it would be hard.

FIS President Gian Franco Kasper

But as the fun was changed, President FIS Kasper alone faced a case that had not had to: relocate the 2020 World Society Congress to Thailand. "Pattaya is not only sex tourism, but also ordinary tourism and large conquers. If we had to check every city for prostitutes, that would be difficult," said Kasper. For him, who does not make any difference, "I will stay at the hotel anyway," stressed the journalist's FIS president. You have all the luxury you need for the 1200 guests. Congress 2020 had arranged to take place in Morocco originally, but it was returned due to problems at the proposed hotel in Marrakech. Pattaya offered himself in the FIS. "The FIS Council has spoken in favor," said Kasper, very excited. By the way, this is the first time the World Federation criticized during its summer meetings. In 2016, critics thought what would justify a congress in the Mexican Cancun destination.

Norway against Family Information Service

And for the first time in the recent past, Norway and the FIS were not critical. Two years ago, the tossing case of the Therese Johaug cross-country star was the mind. Although the Norwegian Olympic Committee and even the Norwegian Anti-Bulk Agency found that 13 months imprisonment was sufficiently punishable for what was considered unequally from Clostebol closure (through lip cream), the World Federation Call the International Court of Justice.

The ban was finally extended to 18 months, which prevented the participation of the world champion and an Olympic champion in the 2018 Winter Games.

Most recently, Aksel Lund Svindal, alpine star, criticized Kasper's openness. He said in an interview: "It's just easier for us in committees. From a business perspective, I say: Just to enter into laws, but I do not want to argue with environmentalists." A bit later, he apologized for Switzerland for his statement – it had literally meant that.

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