Friday , May 27 2022

Flu wave gives Froschberg to


Flu wave gives Froschberg to

Linz. Linz AG Froschberg's table tennis girls go as a leading runner in the Champions League league match in Sporting Lisbon tomorrow.

A flu episode sets the Assen around Sofia Polcanova, who kept the bed for two days with a fever after the Austria Open, was appropriate. The biggest question mark behind Linda Bergström is: "I will decide on the day of the game if it works." If the Swede fails, Karoline Mischek would move up. At the Polcanova bid, the club manager, Günther Renner, has arranged for the team to spend another free day in Lisbon. "Perhaps the sea sky is right for us," said Polcanova. LZ Linz is on Saturday (15 clocks) at home against Tarnobrzeg (Pol) as outside as champion of the men of Walter Wels tomorrow (18) at home against Yekaterinburg (Rus).

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