Tuesday , August 9 2022

Flu or cold – what are the differences?


Flu, also known as flu, is caused by viruses. These viruses are confidential and flexible: they constantly change. Each year, therefore, a new seasonal vaccine must be developed to address current flu viruses that are currently circulated. Flu virus checking is much more dangerous than cold.

Cold – tired, but usually innocent

Cold infection – or flu – is a simple infection of the upper respiratory tract. Infections are triggered by about 200 different viruses, which are transmitted through lubrication or river infection. The viruses multiply in the mucus membranes of the upper respiratory tract. Cold cold "weather conditions" promote cold spread.

With flu, you're "really" sick

Flu often starts suddenly, many feel very well sick within an hour. Mainly, you will have a high fever (over 39 degrees). The question whether or not you are still going to work is not even because you can only lie down in the bed. Cold and strong pain and muscle pain often join.

Risk groups are particularly at risk

For high risk groups, flu illness is a real risk because the risk of serious illness increases. Flu can cause life-threatening complications – the most important bacterial lungs or the most important muscle inflammation. Both can be dead. Treatment courses must be treated as soon as possible with antiviral drugs, otherwise life-threatening complications may occur, especially in motivated individuals.

Cold – Pough, smooth nose, too much

With a flu infection the cold occurs and one feels safe. Other typical symptoms: mild fever, physical pain, throat, cough. Many of them drag themselves to work even then – not very useful, because the recovery is only delays and that the colleagues are infected. You would prefer to have a home cure and you'd drink a lot. Inhalation and nose douches also alleviate the symptoms. You may also be able to mitigate their symptoms by drug expecting.

Poor combination: cold and sport

Cold, but the training should not suffer? Everyone should pay attention to what his body shows him. If you're eager to rest, you should put stress instead of recovery. Because if you start to practice or train it too soon, your immune system will be weakened. The results are a constant decline in performance, fatigue and excess. The worst case threatens the muscular inflammation of the heart, which can lead to death, and auctions, if the viruses still depend on bacteria.

A doctor's smear determines the virus

If one suffers from seasonal flu or flu infection, it can only be determined by the doctor. Using a throat swab, the triggering viruses can be determined. Relaxation, fever, or antipyretic medication helps to improve.

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