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"Fire TV Stick" Competition: Is the cheap "Apple TV" movie coming?


For some years, Google and Amazon already offer low-level television streams, which hide much behind the majority of the TV and are also easy to use. However, Apple, however, offers the "Apple TV" anniversary box, but that could change soon. According to a recent report, the company also plans a TV phone, which should significantly increase the reach of the unnecessary television streaming service.

With Fire TV and Fire TV Fire, Amazon has still been the option between a high-stream box and a cheaper TV phone. Although both devices are basically similar, they have been aimed at different user groups. On Apple this is different. In Apple's portfolio, only Apple TV and Apple TV 4K are different at the price, just from each other, but compared to any competition is much more expensive. These base model costs are already proud of 159 euros, while the most expensive TV Stick 4K Stick from Amazon costs around € 100 less.

Does Apple TV stick with or without Syri a long way?

According to report by Apple Information should also work on a telephones, that the company could conquer a totally new price segment. However, the biggest question arises in terms of the input method. Finally, the current Syri Remote offers the company at a price of € 65 and therefore costs more than the fighters and adapters of the competitors. In iOS 12, however, Apple has integrated the remote function deeply into the system and makes it accessible through the control center, which theoretically could make the stick without control much "appropriate ".

Apple's mobile phone is cheap, because …

… the company wants to increase its reach. As announced in recent months, Cupertino, Los Angeles and other cities are working flat on their own TV series for their own streaming service. This could be available free of charge to all Apple customers. Unlike Apple Music, the service is only available on Apple products. Therefore, it could be earned a cheap TV phone for new customers who had previously tied to the costs. Of course, the report, as always, is being handled carefully, but such an action would still be interesting …

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