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Fenna: Schwarzenbergplatz traffic accident – 3 injuries


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Photo: The occupational rescue of Vienna

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Photo: The occupational rescue of Vienna

11 Nov


from the Salzburg editorial office
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On the way to another mission, a Fiana professional rescue team took place yesterday, 10.11.18, at 9 pm, to pass a traffic accident on Schwarzenbergplatz / Lothringerstraße with rolling of vehicles. The colleagues acted immediately, assessing the situation within a few seconds and alerting other professional rescue teams as well as the police and the Vienna firefighter's brigade.

Two cars should be accidentally crashed in the traffic accident. One came to lie on his side. Three of the car occupiers were emergency medical care from the professional Vienna rescue and was brought to hospital with minor injuries (bruises).

The car driver who came to rest on the side could be free of charge and remain anonymous.

Source: Vienna Occupational Rescue

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