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FBB team on the ground: Sobry reality check


The day before the match in Poland, LAOLA1 has asked a few questions that will be relevant to the success or failure of this European Champion.

The plan was to review this "target agreement" during the qualification. Even after two games, a Reality Check is needed, which is also undesirable in all respects, to expect.

After the 0: 1 against Poland and the 2: 4 in Israel there is demand for results, as president ÖFB Leo Windtner insists on great. On the other hand, Franco Foda's headmaster, wants to consider measures without poplarism.

There are a number of small and large wheels where you can turn – the next course and the next ones.

The list is based on the same questions as the front with the game against Poland: t


If you order Foda as a team leader, you have certainly carefully considered what you want. The German has been known as a coach for many years – with all its advantages and disadvantages.

The fact that the 52-year-old is beaten back results like this is the logical reflex in this business – so far so normal. Also, this does not happen partly inadequate, it is not completely unexpected.

What are the prompts expected of Foda and because he got the job? First of all, the desire for a more flexible approach, and he made that promise unconditional. Maybe even too unconditional.

Again, with all the pros and cons. One can not say that Foda, for example, has chosen the completely wrong recipe against Poland, as Austria has played the opponent in the initial phase on the wall and was also better in the rest of the game.

However, game expansion disadvantage – by – game Foda is that it is more or less to change, but it is equally obvious – especially in emergency situations like in Israel. In the meantime, this team seems to have no choice after where we feel uncomfortable comfort, where there is a cog in the other, which one might rely on in difficult times only.

Marcel Koller's 4-2-3-1 long-term exercise was calculated, but in his flesh each player had all the work he needs to do, how and when to call an opponent, as the path of the crime is. At the moment, many things seem too improvised.

Foda as a coach stands for a brief appearance, can surprise anyone. Especially in Haifa, however, he would have ruled out the opponents who are partially defensive with the exercise under a Koller attack molded from the start and so maybe early to make everything clear. And it becomes very boring, if its own appearance is not succinct enough, logically.

The strange thing about the situation is that Foda has found his wealth of variations relatively late. For a long time he was a trainer in the storm, which pulled his system stubbornly.

In the national team, the flexible approach at the beginning of his time worked so well that he could be a bit cheated and his players were now overwhelmed. Would it help to take a step back to the basics? Good question.

All that is certain is that, at the national team level, there are not enough training sessions available to adequately refine each variation. It may also be due to the fact that the game ÖFB is currently ineffective.

At the same time, however, there were good steps against Poland and Israel, to attribute it to itself only. The simplest example: A little more Kaltschnuzuzigkeit when exploiting the challenges and Foda, probably, should be celebrated as a chief tactician. But more about that later.


The sobering collection after these two courses? Hardly anyone. And that's a disappointment after a camp where the squad was weakened because of injury. Finally, the personnel situation offered an opportunity either to reinforce its place or to set itself.

Played a little in the foreground, and the unexpected, Maximilian Wöber, who was not in the original group and had done well against Poland. In Israel, he went under a collective failure. The sevilla stationary is still a personality that you must have in view of the eleven starting now.

And otherwise? From those actors who cannot be considered completely set, they became too small. Why does Marcel Sabitzer and his Leipzig successes in the ÖFB dress not recover? Where did Israel get when it got the chance, how unexpected was Xaver Schlager?

Peter Zulj also had to watch against Poland and have a chance again in Haifa – where were the people away from the early ideas? Andreas Ulmer may have the toughest inner team competitor with David Alaba, but why does the veteran in the national team fail to call his skills when they are not needed?

Why does Florian Grillitsch not make herself so indispensable that he flies off the starting line against Israel? Why does Valentino Lazaro turn his good points more consistently into scorer points – his goal in Northern Ireland is his only after 21 international matches?

Of course, one should not take the members who have been serving for a long time from the eleven on duty. All alarm bells must sound when a long-standing national player such as Marc Janko, who may also be able to speak a little more freely about his reserve status, says: "It is important to realize what it means t to be a national player. "

Anyone who doesn't understand this questioning could use the national team cut elsewhere in a meaningful place. And people who can't do that, have to be forced to go with a lack of nomination.

The competition is good and lively, but at the moment it's hard to get the impression that too many cohort members want to take the next step – a fluent transition to the next point.


The text of the hierarchy in the team is one that always resonates along the way, but it is not discussed too intensively. It must also be questioned how intense it is handled internally.

Foda does not give that importance. After all, that's the only reason why Sebastian Prödl was nominated this time. And in Marc Janko's later nominations, this approach plays an important role in supporting.

The other leaders? Marko Arnautovic is a field strategist, but certainly not away from him. This also admitted to the troubled captain's debate last autumn. David Alaba could provide the most valuable input of what he has to experience in world football. Now there are 26 years old – it is becoming increasingly unlikely that he will go down in history for constructive leadership in public.

We are still Captain Julian Baumgartlinger, who has to take responsibility for responsibility away from the place. In this course, it seemed very busy with its own performance. Who then jumps in?

And that's the problem: "heads" like Martin Harnik, Zlatko Junuzovic, Christian Fuchs or Robert Almer, who preceded the square, have not found the corresponding heirs. Of course, this is a process that doesn't go from one day to the other. But are there enough candidates?

The basic requirement of number one is, of course, convincing with performance. Currently, there are too many "Indians" in the squad who do not want to take the opportunity to climb the peeling order.

Ideally, it should be clearer now that will lead this team when the current leaders such as Baumgartlinger or Arnautovic will no longer belong to the FBB squad. And this time will only become age.

Another thought about group dynamics: Currently this FBB faction is not the Wohlfühloasen picture of how much time under Marcel Koller. First, this is not absolutely necessary and secondly, therefore, little want. It should be intensified quietly for the places, ÖFB camp does not necessarily have to be a family meeting.

But you shouldn't ignore the point where you wouldn't walk through the fire for each other. Spiritually, this cohort is not currently putting the image that would make one to the other – and to everyone – to everyone else running over the other. If this is really the case anyway, you should think about why this is not happening.


We introduced this point last week in a very simple way: "The answer to this banal question is particularly important during this qualification."

Unfortunately, unfortunately.

You can base this team's mindset or passion as much as you want, but nobody would even put these words into their mouths if the opportunities that were there were exploited so effectively. with Poland and Israel. As one thing had to be noted: A completely impartial and bright team would not even develop these opportunities.

However, the talent for taking up these opportunities at present is not good enough. Far from Arnautovic, there is hardly an actor in the squad, who could give the appropriate goal to a Carrier.

During the course, it has already been discussed, but should be noted again: This question should not be questioned solely to the huge problem – an attacker.

It is true that even Israel, with Dabbur Munas and Eran Zahavi, are in a better quantitative position in these duels in an attack, not to mention the quality of Polish strikers of the first class.

But other players are not banned from scoring goals – starting with Aleksandar Dragovic, who praised his chances, but he showed why he's not a striker, for players like Lazaro, Sabitzer, Zulj, and a. Without the unconditional will to push the ball in a promising position over the line, it will be difficult in this qualifying year.


Let's look at some of the games sections starting with EURO 2016: t

  • After the 0-2 draw against Hungary, they were asked themselves in the ÖFB team if it had not been smarter, given the game, to draw the potential possibility with less risk than to give them themselves in a position of good pressure. Ultimately, this was not overcome.
  • Let's reach the next World Cup qualification. At the 2: 3 in Serbia, it was commendable that they wanted to bring the victory, after they made the equalizer twice in a mad game. But wouldn't it have been wiser to look back to take the point? Even with this loss, the thread began to tear.
  • Another example of the League of Nations. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, all concerned felt that the game did not go according to plan. For a long time, however, protective action is not allowed. Playing the raffle away would probably not have been a mistake, so they gave up the 0: 1 late.
  • Israel is another building site, but winning 1-0 over Poland falls within the games category, which did not include all types of cleric. Certainly, not winning every game is the wrong method. It is even more wrong, however, to get empty hands.

In the ÖFB team you have to wonder where the trend is coming, in the recent past, either not to cut straight cuts on its side or even at least reach the minimum target . Missing riot? Loss of calculus?

Exactly these attacks caused an appropriate pressure position early in the four relevant competitions and the disadvantage one had to run behind them.

There are undoubtedly four times too many and reducing the likelihood that it is just a coincidence.

Another example: The successful qualification for EURO 2016 began with a 1-1 home victory against Sweden. This was seen as disappointing at the time. Certainly a victory would have been better. The reality, however, was that there was not even a direct competitor about three points in a hurry.

In a qualification, one thing stands above everything: the result. At the moment, the national team is back in a position where you have to subordinate everything in the next eight games anyway. However, this is repeatedly decorated with more weight than one can love.


Certainly not.

It is already curious how the support at the next home match against Slovenia in Klagenfurt will look like Wörthersee Stadium is well known anyway, not as an arena, where the atmosphere of a good home game is invaluable.

The problem is much wider. The fact that the attacks against Poland and Israel does not strengthen the connection between the team and the fans is clear anyway.

One should, however, in this connection on a Polish game, when you could not know anything about these bankruptcies, back. Firstly, this game was well attended but not sold – against the favorite in this group.

Secondly, those who got their way to the Happel-Oval were more than respected in the Polish camp. I've designed it carefully.

That Austrian popularity is dependent on success (or promoted by attractive opponents) is nothing new. This is by no means a unique selling point. In Haifa we were told the day before the game that the Austrian game would have been sold in victory against Slovenia. So Sammy Ofer Stadium was not a cauldron.

But one should ask the FSB team why it is so difficult to reach your own fans, touch them and stimulate their unconditional support. In 2018, the results were still good enough, but there was no hurry to the tickets in the fall. Why?

Koller acknowledged this problem at an early stage and did everything to put his lace as close to the people as possible. The party in favor of the audience's votes was a partial reminder of election campaigns. Sometimes there was an unclear effect as the group's picture with supporters in Seefeld had an effect that should not be ruled out.

Now, above all, we need results. If these are correct again, you will have to think about more in the Framework in this area.

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