Monday , November 30 2020

Excitement for “Borat”: “My vagina won’t eat me”

I’ve found something, “said 15-year-old Tutar (Maria Bakalova) from Kazakhstan as she stepped up to the lectern at a meeting of all-conservative U.S. Republican housewives.” You take your index and middle fingers and touch your vagina, and then you circle your fingers and there is an explosion! “The housewives don’t find that funny. But Tutar:” They always lied to me: My vagina won’t eat me if I touch it! “

Tutar was lying to the Handbook for Women published by the Kazakh Wildlife Ministry. Tutar’s father, none other than Kazakh chaos TV reporter Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen), has so far kept his daughter in a cage, that’s what people do in his homeland. Once when she followed her father into a shop, he said: “Father, why is the sky so low here?” “Don’t worry, this is a room,” Borat replied.

Gift for pussy grabber

Suddenly the fake reporter, who traveled through the USA in the 2006 film “Borat”, receives another assignment from his Kazakh “Führer”: He is due to travel to the US again to meet a leading lady America, Mike “Vice Pussy Grabber” Pence to give a gift, in the form of his adolescent daughter, so that Kazakhstan can finally join the ranks of nations that are finally appreciated by the US President.

The fictional character Borat questions no one, speaks openly about her racist, anti-Semitic attitude and celebrates the Holocaust at every opportunity. It is amazing how often this behavior is criticized little or not at all by the Americans recorded with the camera. But really: It’s not as awesome as that in Trump America.

So he goes to the USA, where everyone has pocket calculators, as Borat calls smartphones. Because Tutar’s daughter finally dreams of being able to live in a larger cage, like her Kazakh cartoon heroine Melania, such a cage comes first – Papa Borat is no slouch.

Neither Borat nor his daughter are shy about displaying Kazakh lifestyles. Needless to say, women have no business behind the wheel of a vehicle, according to the ministry’s primer. Instead, Tutar can do things not often seen in the West: For example, showing her menstrual period at a fertility dance in the middle of a ballroom full of debutantes. Or: “I can open a beer bottle with my butt hole”. What she then shows.

A model girl who should definitely be brought to the pennies. But that’s harder than expected, because Borat does it in the hall where Pence is speaking at the event, but the security forces are faster.

Cohens Geheimdreh

The anarchist has stuck to the fictional character Borat, and fits in much better with US social culture today than it did in 2006; While George W. Bush, who was also harshly criticized, was in office at the time, the areas where critics can attack American Trump are of course much larger. It’s no coincidence that Cohen released his self-produced sequel, which shot in secret with a small crew before and during the lockdown, just before election day, and can be seen worldwide not for members on Amazon streaming – Prime Video service. In his sometimes too silly number review, Cohen reflects on Trump’s American state of mind and exemplifies his own stupidity; on their own: Most of the Americans being portrayed don’t see that at all. They seem to have become incapable of learning because they can no longer be removed from their Trump bubble.

In return, they respond to female stimuli: Borat’s daughter, Tutar, has to be driven out of the peasant trampoline, there is a makeover to become a platinum-yellow American, and there are also two silicone breasts. ‘ w install. But Tutar soon liberates himself from Papa Borat, as his framework of lies becomes increasingly porous. In the United States, Tutar soon discovers, women don’t just have to live in cages, and they get to drive too!

Because Mike Pence didn’t work out the way they had imagined, Tutar now wants to serve Trump’s close partner, Rudy Giuliani. Current wave in the US on her invitation Drinking in the hotel room. When she removes the microphone, Giuliani has to open her pants. You can see how he briefly reaches into his pants before Borat storms in and resolves the situation. However: The material is probably not good for much excitement. Giuliani has obviously grabbed the shirt back into his pants, which had been pulled out due to the microcable running underneath.

The hand in the pants

Whatever the result of this mass media buzz, possibly even in court, it shows how electrifying US society is, how barbaric and fragile it is. How thin is the ice on which Trump built his rule, and how close it is to confirming this attitude in society. When Trump supporters chant with him at a rally mixed by Borat: “Journalists hack like the Saudis do” or: “Scientists gathered like the Germans back then”, so if this attitude confirmed, then you must do so also say: The USA is probably already more like Borat Kazakhstan than you think.

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