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Tachiturn and anonymity has been given at the Eurofighter Committee U on Thursday, the first witness. Thomas Eidenberger, after the head of Oberbank Wels, was the beneficial owner of the Columbus Trust, which dealt with commission charges for anti-transactions. He did not know what happened to the 13.4 million euros. He did not even know about the abolition of the base.

16:42, 08 November 2018


At the request of the organization, which existed until 2009, he had undertaken the role of Manfred Wolff, who met in Singapore, in the Eurofighter counter transactions. The building with the trust on the Isle of Man, the Columbus Trade Service Ltd company as well as further intervention had been a school friend, designed by tax adviser Klaus Peter Kaindleinsberger. This was seen a strange appearance later.

Personally, he did not have any money to set up the trust, Eidenberger said. With further inquiries of the NEOS relax, then referring to an ongoing procedure. He also wanted to say nothing to the incentives for his deeds. The other beneficiaries of the trust were Eidenberger's wife and weird, the International Red Cross. This also had not received any money for his / her information.

Eidenberger was also unaware of questions about the Alfred Mensdorff-Pouilly lobbyist and payments to the Lakeside Private Institute in Carinthia. He did not know what Columbus Commercial, a subsidiary owned by Columbus State, had to do. "As I did not care," he explained. In any case, the Trust had only made ownership of Columbus Trade, but had set up for a potential offshore business. There was no money for it.

He has no connection with Kaindleinsberger, emphasized Eidenberger. When he learned about his company's design, he had asked him to have to stop it and he did not want anything to do with him.

Previously, the former Finance Minister, Karl-Heinz Grasser (FPÖ / ÖVP) had informed his parliamentary attorney for his lawyer that she had no more documents about buying aircraft and therefore could possibly avoid a survey. The Sub-Committee was called a Grasser on 19 December after he noted in Buwog's case that he had "taken some documents on the Eurofighter acquisitions" after leaving the office – "because at that time it was already clear that he was contentious ".

After the Senate asked the former minister to send the documents to the U committee, the deputies received a letter from the lawyer Grassers, Manfred Ainedter. It explains to Parliament that Grasser is no longer in possession of this documentation and may not need to be questioned unnecessarily. Earn states that Grasser has repeatedly witnessed the previous Eurofighter U committees. APA learned these things on Thursday next to the U committee meeting.

SPÖ's parliamentary leader Rudolf Plessl, in an interview with APA confirmed that they demanded questioning Grassers and having some questions. The witness list will be discussed again at an internal meeting. As well as Grasser, former manager Magna, Hubert Hödl, will also be interviewed on December 19. Plessl criticized that the U committee still had problems with file supplies. It is confidential that u.a. Ministry of Justice.

The tax consultant, Kaindleinsberger, was once again part of the Vector network of Eidenberger and his appearance had something weird about it. He had to either consult a lawyer or read a fraud sheet about any even the simplest questions he was relying on his professional confidentiality duty or the right to distribute as a defendant in criminal case.

Kaindleinsberger, according to MPs, was the designer of the Columbus network on the Isle of Man, who has received 13.4 million euros from Vector, and is part of a corporate network and established network that has moved millions back and forth. So Columbus was u.a. has been involved in promoting the Lakeside project in Carinthia and has also paid Brodmann more than € 2 million, which, according to Peter Pilz, belongs to the Mensdorff-Pouilly lobbyist of the & # 39 list ; r one name.

In his survey, Pilz started another suspicious process: a named Roman construction worker Constantin Dobreanu, five million euros from Columbus in 2005, received two shares and was transferred to George Schmidt, the veterans pilot Federal Armed Forces, who had already participated in the final Eurofighter campaign. Witness committee was referred. Kaindleinsberger probably did not give any information and wrote down the obligation of confidentiality. Economics was the economic right in the Eidenberger already mentioned.

Kaindleinsberger said in the committee (which did not attract other journalists other than the APA) for years without contact with Eidenberger. That was one of the few questions that answered in the committee. On the law court question, the "corporate and basic constitutional compositions as in Columbus" were a normal process in the economy, "he replied after a long spell to reflect" not unusual ".

Kaindleinsberger could not find much more, although each of the five squad attempts to ask the tax adviser numerous questions. Michael Bernhard of NEOS asked him for the Isle of Man tax benefits and asked if she was easier to hide who is behind a company. Kaindleinsberger denied that, adding that he did not know anything hidden in the shops on the Isle of Man that he knew.

The next Eurofighter U Committee will be held on November 15. Witnesses say, Schmidt, who is said to have received five million euros through the Romanian assistant, and the EADS lobbyist, Alfred Plattner.

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