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Doctor Michael Jackson: "I caught her penis every night"

Dr. Conrad Murray, 66, was behind bars for two years. The cardiologist was Michael Jackson's personal doctor (✝50) – and was convicted in 2011 for the negligent killing of King of Pop. Michael has died of poisoning by the Propheta anesthetic given to him by Murray. But medicine was not just responsible for supplying medication. As he said in an interview, he also gave Jackson's organic genes every night for a reason.

When chatting with Post On Sunday The 66-year-old person already disclosed in 2013: "You want to know how close Michael and am I standing? I kept holding her every night. "But he also explained why: "I had to Michael put on a condom catheter because it has lost urine. He did not have any feeling and was inconceivable. " That is why he always wears dark trousers, says Conrad, "because he was wearing for hours after going to the toilet." And why could not the music story put on the condom urin itself? "Michael did not know how to put a condom, so I had to do it for it," said Murray.

The cardiac doctor was imprisoned from November 2011 until October 2013. He was sentenced to four years in prison without barley – that is the highest penalty for a careless homicide. Due to good leadership and crowded prisons, it was released early.

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Michael Jackson
Dr. Conrad Murray was in court in November 2011Getty Images

Dr. Conrad Murray was in court in November 2011
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Michael Jackson

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