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Daniil Medvedev sprinkles roses Dominic Thiem


Daniil Medvedev had his last opponent Dominic Thiem highly praised after the competitive final at the ATP Finals.

by Nikolaus Fink

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Daniil Medvedev and Dominic Thiem at the ATP Finals in London

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Daniil Medvedev spread Dominic Thiem’s ​​roses

For a long time, things did not look too good for Daniil Medvedev in the ATP 2020 Finals. His opponent Dominic Thiem had the match under control for much of the season, but he missed the middle of the second set for the preliminary decision. After 2:42 hours the Russian won the final title of the year.

This was probably the “best win of his life”, said Medvedev after the contested three-set success. On the one hand, the 24-year-old player attributed this to his level shown, on the other hand it was great that he beat Dominic Thiem, who is in top form.

“I think he played at his best level today. I don’t know. That may not be the case, but that’s how I felt during the fight,” Medvedev said. Anyway, this was the “hardest success” of his life, because “Dominic is a very tough opponent to play with.”

Medvedev is hoping for a long competition with Thiem

“If Dominic plays like he does today, he’s one of the best players in history. Maybe not in terms of titles or Grand Slams, but when he’s playing (in this form, please state) , “said Thiem Rosen, world number four. Medvedev is particularly proud of the fact that he made Austria tired in a best-of-three match: “I think this is a great achievement.”

Medvedev hopes that the ATP Finals will only be a small part of a big fight with Thiem. “Hopefully we can still play a lot of games on the big platforms.” For Austria, Russia sees no end: “He is an incredible player who will probably win many more titles.”

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