Thursday , August 11 2022

Daimler and BMW spend over a billion euros in mobile services


Daimler ac BMW want together more than a billion euros in their own mobility services invest. The two carmers said that the joint venture of five joint ventures "sustainable urban mobility for the benefit of customers" says in a statement on Friday Berlin with. They merged their two car sharing services, Car2Go and DriveNow, last year.

The network of five joint ventures includes Internet services, which can be used to network different ways of transportation, travel services, parking brokerage and e-cars charging rates. A total of 14 brands are bundled. It is said that these services are used by around 60 million people worldwide.

Collaboration with other providers is "similar"

The target is by head of BMW Harald Krugerto create a global leader. "Conceivable also co-operates with other providers as well as acquisitions of new businesses or established players," said Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, The two top classmates, like many other producers, want to go from selling them vehicles towards mobility and technology-driven providers such as Uber Speak offer.

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