Monday , January 18 2021

Crosser ski ÖSV without world championship qualification, Aujesky in the sixth place

For Austria skiing cross, World Cup Solitude competitions on Saturdays did not go so desirable. Johannes Aujesky was the only ÖSV athlete who made the final finals and then finished the second in the "small final" and thus in the sixth form in general. The 25-year-old World Cup in Austria has never reached the final in the World Cup or in the World Cup.

Aujesky finished in qualification, where he also finished sixth. "I've ruined the semi-final race a bit, but then I did it again in the small final, I'm proud of myself," summarized the Austrian driver at the ORF interview. As he was never in the final in his career, he had "failed to lose" with a medal. "In the small final, I was already three times this year, I'll be there, I'll be happy", Aujesky estimated the situation was realistic.

Adam Kappacher and Johannes Rohrweck retired in the last quarter as a fourth. "If I'm not a medal, I'm not worried about any result," said Rohrweck. The U.S. Maximum U.S. has not been as high as the height of the forces. "For some time, I've only been working on Voltaren," Rohrweck, who had suffered knee problems since the World Cup in Idre, reminded. Daniel Traxler finished fourth quarter of the last sixteen.

In the women's competition, a fall dropped the Andrea Limbacher placement better. Oberösterreicherin refused 29 years in the last quarter after jumping soon after landing and landing in the security net. She was still unhappy. "I do not know what happened exactly, but it's all in it," said Limbacher All-clear. His disappointment was very big. "My form was very good, the training was very good, I would have expected a lot more, but I did not want that, that's right, very bitter," said the former World Champion.

In the men's race, French Francois Place won over Brady Leman and Kevin Drury Canadians. In the women's race, Marielle Thompson Canada retained the hand in front of Switzerland Fanny Smith and the Alizee Baron Frenchwoman.

Source: APA

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