Saturday , July 2 2022

Conan Not Believed: New Developer Video –


Funcom and Petroglyph have a new video for the strategy game Conan Unconquered where particular attention is given to the collaborative aspect of the title.

As most similar RTS games are one pure player or 1 against 1 title, the development team faced the new challenge of producing a game that works well in a collaborative way too. . "We are trying to ensure that the co-operative's attitude is as prominent as possible," explains executive producer Ted Morris, who has not only worked on Command & Conquer, but also director of the development of the popular Star Wars Empire at War strategy.

In the cooperative mode, each player has their own hero and their own army, but there are resources and most of the buildings are common to both players. "The challenge is that both players must coordinate their actions if they want to face stronger mobs," said Patrick Pannullo, the senior games designer, adding that this does not mean a double number of opponents. The higher level of difficulty is associated with the type of mobile phones and the direction their attack comes from.

The game also includes an unannounced mechanism of the front of the Challenge Mode name, which allows a player to connect to the exact map, settings and achievable achievements that the player has. newly played. Friends can try to beat the player's performance in a way that makes performance comparison much easier than on a random card. Each contact has its own board of leaders. The new feature is particularly interesting for people who are arguing and who want to challenge their fans to compete on the same map they had to play from the front in the stream.

Conan Unconquered on 30 May.

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