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Bundesliga: Salzburg must quickly supply equally

Although Venice was losing at the Europa League in Milan at Inter 0: 4, the "Bulls" played in the 4-0 victory over Bruges and moved to the second round. "Salzburg did exactly what happened to us the other way. Salzburg has a quick guide, then you get certain assurance, and they also have a very good quality," said Dietmar Kühbauer, a fast coach.

Internationally, the Salzburgers have much more experience, not least because of the great last year, when they finished in the final of EL. "They did well in the Europa League last year and yet, however, she is in the league so we want to beat them on Sunday," said the 47-year-old child. That's not the national team this season.

"We can beat Salzburg"

The defense champion is still in the league in 15 wins and three draw, Rapid after falling in the eighth with five wins and draws eight pounds. "Salzburg is the team that everyone wants to beat. We have a team that can do that if we have a good day," said Kühbauer, who will be taking part in Salzburg for the first time as a Fast coach.

Dietmar Kuehbauer (Fast)

GEPA / Philipp Brem

Dietmar Kühbauer is optimistic about his first dirt with Salzburg as a fast coach

"It's hard, but also a beautiful task," Kühbauer stressed. In principle, the team must act exactly as they would have liked in Milan. "We have to fight against Salzburg as well as Inter. If you are not concise and brave, you will not win anything because they have very good soccer," he said. ; r Fast Trainer.

Fast is not scared

The last fast victory in a direct duel is a long time ago. Since the 2: 1 in Salzburg on August 1, 2015, the Rapidler came into the league only three that drew with nine ends. Among them was the fall with 1: 2 in the city of Mozart. "Although it sounds stupid, the final games against Salzburg were tight, this is the time. Certainly we certainly do not have to fear," said Captain Stefan Schwab.

At All times, every game must be won until the second round of league and after the 22nd round in order to maintain the minimum chance for the best play. "Basically, we know that much depends on the Salzburg game. If we are going to have to say in the fight for the round of the championship, we need three points," said Schwab, who has made the home appearances so far 2019 confidently. The 0: 1 against Inter was close, the 5: 2 in the Cup against the Hartberg sovereign.

Additional choice for Kühbauer

Kühbauer also has an additional option against Salzburg. The play license for the Aliou Badji attacker has arrived on Friday, so the Senegalians are transported to transfer from Sweden so Applies for Fast for the first time. According to Kühbauer, Badji is not yet a problem for the startup assignment, but a 1.89-meter man could first do it as a "Joker".

Tipico Bundesliga, 19th row

Sunday, starting at 17.00 clock:

Fast – Salzburg

Allianz Stadium, SR Schörgenhofer

Possible compositions:

fast: Strebinger – Müldür, Sonnleitner, Hofmann, Bolingoli / Potzmann – Grahovac, Schwab – Berisha, Knasmüllner, Schobesberger – Pavlovic

Salzburg: Stankovic – Lainer, Ramalho, Onguene, Ulmer – Mwepu, Samassekou, Wolf, X. Schlager – Daka, Dabbur

While fast points are needed, Salzburg begins as a sovereign championship leader in the spring of the league. "I think everyone knows the constitution. I think Rapid wants to play the next four games very successfully and he must go into play, "says Marco Rose coach before the first Salzburg Bundesliga game in 2019.

Salzburg could celebrate "thousands"

The weight is not just because of Rapid. "Both clubs have high standards," said Rose. "Our board composition is a bit more comfortable, but what we know is that we can not rest. Rapid game is always something special."

Salzburg has not lost off against eight Fast times. If they win for the fourth time in a series in Hütteldorf, they manage a milestone: Since the Red Bull record in 2005, the club in the league took 998 points – the "thousands" are about to happen.

Sturm is also struggling with a championship group

Sturm Graz is currently in the fight for access to the Wackelkandidat promoter group. Styrian Hotel on the sixth Sunday (14.30 clock) at Mattersburg. Under the coach Roman Mählich y Grazer gave ten out of twelve possible points and remained uninhabited. "We can start the very good start of this reduction to be above the mark."

Tipico Bundesliga, 19th row

Sunday, starts 14.30:

Mattersburg – storm

Poplar Stadium, SR Schüttengruber

Possible compositions:

Mattersburg: Kuster – Mahr, Ortiz, Rath – Erhardt, Jano, Salomon, Renner – Gruber, Pusic, Prosenik

storm: Siebenhandl – Koch, Spendlhofer, Avlonitis, Maresic, Schrammel – Jantscher, Lyubic, Lovric, Kiteishvili – Jakupovic

However, after the Mattersburg match continues against LASK, Salzburg and Austria. "We have a difficult draw," emphasized Mählich. Already, the task against the Burgenländer would be hard enough, the Sturm coach warned: "They work a lot with a long, high ball and standard situations, have a lot of speed on the side, running strong and Strong and have a good organization. "

Mattersburg coach Klaus Schmidt also mentions "difficult history": "We have to be on watch, so we do not offer them anti-social opportunities." With a victory, the Ninth Mattersburg site would come to four points to a storm and it's probably still dreaming about the master group.

Traditional duel to kick

"But as soon as we looked at the table in the fall, we had no more. That's why we want to start well in the spring and see what is happening," says Schmidt before the duel , who has a tradition at the beginning of spring. In 2012, 2013, 2017 and 2018, the calendar year began with an analysis between the Burgenland and the Styrians. The last two ends ended at the Poplar Stadium with 1-0 for the forces.

Marvin Potzmann (Sturm) to Mario Grgic (Mattersburg)

GEPA / Mario Kneisl

Sturm lost the tradition duel to the spring opener in Mattersburg 0-1 a year ago

"Cup-injury" among themselves

The TSV Hartberg and SKN St. must Pölten coped before the duel on Sunday (14.30 clocks), however, an opening spring opener. The Styrians were eliminated during the previous week with 2: 5 quickly from quarter quarter rounds ÖFB Cup, the Austrians Lower in LASK even with 0: 6 under the wheels.

Tipico Bundesliga, 19th row

Sunday, starts 14.30:

Hartberg – St. Pölten

Arena Profertile, SR Lechner

Possible compositions:

Hartberg: Swete – Blauensteiner, Huber, Siegl, Rasswalder – Chernegg, Sittsam – Flecker, Rep, Kröpfl – Tadic

St Poelten: Riegler – Luan, Mislov, Drescher – Ingolitsch, Rasner, Hofbauer / Ambichl, R. Ljubicic, Bajrami – Fountas, Gartler

At least Hartberg Markus Schopp's trainer related to the clear defeat: "We are already in an emergency situation when we lose off Fast. This is a deserving of work." As a minimum climber in the league, you need to prepare smaller rolls, one should not interpret too much in 2: 5.

Trainer St. Pölten, Rankpo Popovic, is still tired of throwing the Cup: "Against Hartberg, I would like to see the total face of my team, the face they have shown in the fall and in preparation". This should be successful and three counters should be pulled back, three rounds of St. Pölten before the division in the third position nine points before the seventh Hartberg and so the participation in the champion group will set it practical in the bag.

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