Friday , August 12 2022

Börse Express – Uniqa Numbers at target


Stronger ATX Stock – Uniqa's preliminary figures for the past 2018 financial year are higher than the analyst's expectations, especially in terms of profitability: premium premiums at premiums just under expectation. The dividend is expected to increase for the seventh consecutive year and raise from 51 to 53 cents.

Results in the results are an exceptional exception when selling indirect investment in Austria Casinos worth a total of € 47.4 million. Combined net income increased by 41.6 per cent to EUR 243.3 million. Previous tax earnings increased by 11.3 per cent to 294.6 million euros, the result for the period of 27.5 per cent to 235.1 million euros.

Uniqa's control expects a slightly higher premium volume this year. The combined ratio is expected to improve further (from 97.5 to 96.8 per cent after rehabilitation in 2018). Pre-tax earnings in 2019 are expected to be higher than the 2018 figure after adjusting for the one-off effect of the sale of the bankruptcy in Austrian Casinos. It must be synonymous – the consensus of analysts is currently at 312 million euros …

A few premiums were created by the Uniqa Group, including the share of savings of life insurance linked to a unit and index, 0.3% at EUR 5.31 billion. The circular premiums rose from 3.1 per cent to around 5.2 billion euros. In property / injuries insurance, the total premiums generated by 5.1 per cent rose to 2.77 billion euros, and from 4.3 per cent to 1.09 billion euros in the healthcare sector. In life insurance, premium income fell by 10.1 per cent to € 1.45 billion.

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