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Börse Express – ROUNDUP / New York Stocks End: Dow and S&P 500 reach half high

US stock exchanges are strong in April
start. Better tone data than expected
There were industrial companies in China and USA both on Monday
Dow Jones Wall Street Index also
the S & P 500 at its highest level since October

With a premium of 1.27 per cent to 26 258.42 points was the
Dow eventually out of the trade. It was high daily before then
just under 26,281 points. Already on Friday he had the
The US's leading index and thus of new hopes for one
Friendly solution is the tariff dispute between US and China interests.
The week was also very strong and especially so
first quarter of the new year. With more than just over 11 years old
The percentage was the strongest starting quarter since 2013

The S&P 500, which reflected the wide market, came to an end on trading
Monday with 1.16 percent to 2867.19 points and so high
as last nearly half a year ago. The technology is heavy
Nasdaq 100 selected index He rose 1.35 at the beginning of the week
Percentage to 7478.42 meters.

In the US, the latest data came from industry and the construction industry
Solid failed, as experts said. The fun in the
Industry had illuminated remarkably significant in March. moreover
In February, building expenditure was staggering, while
Experts had expected a decline. In China convinced
Data mood from March to small and medium, mostly
private as well as large and some state owned properties
Companies. The tone of service providers had also become stronger
has improved because experts have predicted.

In the Dow, there were economic stocks like DowDupont's
, United Technologies or caterpillars
particularly in terms of demand, between 2.1 and 3.5
Percentage has increased. Bank shares have also posted significant earnings: t
Goldman Sachs shares giving 2.5 per cent
i and from JPMorgan by 3.4 per cent.

Merck & Co Papers in the meantime, together with 0.2
Percentage below average. During the day they received
At times, however, at $ 83.85, the highest level for a while
has reached the age of 18 years. It had the same pharmaceutical company in China
Keytruda drug approval success scored. y
The company's leading cancer can be combined with one
Chemotherapy can be used for the initial treatment of patients who are
under a certain type of non-small cell lung cancer

Apple shares he went up too
below average 0.7 per cent. y
IPhone maker was former Tesla manager for electric drives, t
Michael Schwekutsch, has come in. That was giving old guess
for a car that is completely electronic, which automatically drives from new Apple

2.4 per cent went to New York Stock Exchange for shares
Kellogg down. The Italian confectionery manufacturer
Ferrero and the US food company have agreed
Ferrero is Kellogg's biscuit section for about 1.2
Takes over billions of euros.

At the same time, shares of the new stock exchange went down with almost 12 percent
Lout on descent. They were closed at 69.01
Dollars, well below the price of their edition of $ 72
Friday, investors were shown for the first time in the stock market
Driving agent has ripped up the papers and this up
$ 88.60 has catapulted up. Meanwhile, we exist
Disaffection. Of a total of 7 from the Bloomberg news agency
surveyors surveyed recommend only two of the stock for sale.
The rest is neutral. Above all, the experts ask
We can succeed quickly to make profits and direct profits
among other things on increasing competitive pressures.

Government bonds lost ten years 27/32 points in the US bond market t
to 101 2/32 points and gave 2.50 per cent. Course of the
euro He fell in the direction of $ 1.20 and became
Market closes on Wall Street trading at $ 1.1210. y
The European Central Bank previously had the reference price at 1.1236
(Friday: 1.1235) fixed dollars. The dollar had 0.8900
(0.8901) Cost of the Euro

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