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Börse Express – ROUNDUP / Aktien New York Ends: Profit thanks to hope and vaccine data


More positive news about fighting the coronavirus pandemic gave Wall Street a boost again on Monday. Positive economic data also secured good mood. In addition, several media reports, of which former Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen is to become the first woman to take over the leadership of the US Treasury, raised hopes for another economic stimulus program.

Initial profit on Dow Jones Industry
temporarily melted just before the leading US index stepped up again. At the close of trading, it managed to increase 1.12 percent to 29 591.27 points, which more than compensated for the blockade on Friday. For the S&P 500 throughout the market In the end it rose 0.56 percent to 3577.59 points, while the friendly one started, the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100
Top spot at 11,905.94 points.

Although the corona pandemic is currently raging in the United States, corporate sentiment shifted significantly in November: the purchasing managers’ index compiled by the research firm Markit rose to its highest level in a good five and a half years. Analysts, however, had expected a slowdown.

The one from Biontech and Pfizer
According to a government representative, the corona vaccine developed in the USA could be available from December 11th in the event of urgent approval. The vaccine could be delivered to the provinces within 24 hours of receiving US FDA approval, a representative in charge of the US government’s vaccination program told CNN. Biontech papers rose 2.3 percent in New York, while Pfizer’s market-friendly stocks lost nearly half a percent.

Curevac listed shares in New York
it went up 6.7 percent after the biotech company with Wacker Chemie signed a contract to produce a vaccine candidate against Corona.

With the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca
Another company also submitted data on corona vaccine. The vaccine has an average effectiveness of 70 percent, the company announced on the basis of provisional results from an important trial period. Unlike the preparation by Biontech and Pfizer, the Astrazeneca vaccine can be transported and stored in refrigerator temperatures of two to eight degrees.

“Even if the overall efficacy seems slightly lower than with mRNA vaccines, AZD1222 has a big advantage: It’s robust and easy to use, so to speak the ‘worker bees’ among the vaccines that might available against Covid-19, “explained the company from Munich Infectiologist Clemens Wendtner. Axi analyst Stephen Innes called the news from Astrazeneca a “big deal”. This would likely put the industrialized countries in a position to immunize most lung disease risk groups by spring 2021.

Regeneron shares rose almost one percent. The company’s antibody cocktail for the treatment of Covid-19 received urgent approval in the United States. This means it can be used to treat patients aged twelve and over who are at risk of developing severe Covid 19 symptoms. However, patients who are in hospital or need oxygen are not allowed to receive the drug.

Bei Merck & Co. The share price fell 0.2 percent after the pharmaceutical company announced it would take over OncoImmune for 425 million US dollars in cash. The company has an active ingredient for corona patients with severe infections in clinical trials and recently reported positive data.

Airlines have clearly benefited from the new Corona news: While American Airlines increased by over eight percent, it was for United Airlines
despite plans for a further two per cent and a half good capital increase.

At Sensient, shareholders could look forward to a price increase of nearly two percent. The US company sells its perfume department to Symrise, a German industry colleague, for an unknown price .

The Euro it showed sharp price fluctuations on Monday – when trading in New York, it settled at 1.1840 US dollars, just below the middle of its large trading range. The European Central Bank (ECB) had set the reference rate at 1.1901 dollars (Friday: 1.1863) and the dollar cost 0.8403 (0.8430) euros. US government bonds fell: The ten-year Treasury futures contract (T-Note Future) fell 0.14 percent to 138.32 points. Profit on the ten-year bond rose accordingly to 0.86 percent./gl/men

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