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Börse Express – Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. share the DIRBS software platform to find fake and stolen devices


SAN DIEGO, March 6 / PRNewswire / – Can be used to improve the security of the mobile ecosystem around the world

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Applied Corporate subsidiary (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced that it shared its Identification, Registration and Blocking Systems platform (DIRBS) as software that can be downloaded from an open source.

DIRBS can be used based on a software platform based on the Qualcomm Technologies server to help identify fake, illegal and stolen mobile devices in one country. The DIRBS software platform will help regulators distribute devices and create lists based on IMEI for reporting, amnesty and blocking purposes. DIRBS has been successfully used in Pakistan and is expected to continue operating in other markets over the next few months.

"Fake devices are a major global problem, causing estimated losses of around € 45.3 billion of sales of lost sales to valid manufacturers every year, as disclosed by the European Union intellectual property study published in February 2017", Mohammad Raheel Kamal, Senior Director, IPR Enforcement, Incorporated Competence. "Sharing the DIRBS solution as free downloaded open source software will allow the mobile industry to operate this powerful technology quickly to counterfeit and related issues around the world."

"Qualcomm is committed to enriching the mobile ecosystem and, among other things, helping regulators meet their wireless security needs," said John Han, SVP, Qualcomm Incorporated and GM, Qualcomm Technology Licensing. "We are proud to share the DIRBS software platform to help regulators step up the fight against counterfeit, illegal and stolen devices."

The DIRBS on the server-based software platform is hosted on the Github website open source software and can be downloaded and used by interested parties for free.

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