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Börse Express – Novo Nordisk with new numbers: Moderate growth is still – still

As part of the current reporting season, the diabetes specialist is now Novo Nordisk (WKN: A1XA8R) its figures for the last fourth quarter and the whole year 2018 presented. And as the investor feeling showed a little positive positively last Friday, investors should have been very proud with the general figures.

So let's look foolish at the figures and think about what's going to be important for the Danes in the future.

Numbers, data, facts

Novo Nordisk continued to moderate growth in the fourth quarter. For example, the group achieved a profit of DKK 8.5 billion, which was comparatively better than in the previous year. DKK 29.7 billion sales also improved slightly year on year. However, analysts had expected something more on average.

On the other hand, the new medicines such as Saxenda and Tresiba were still very positive. Both recorded growth rates are 51% and 10% respectively, so they can continue to place an important course for the future of a Danish pharmaceutical company. Tresiba even reached sales in the order of 8.0 billion Danish distributors, which would equate to around 1.07 billion euros, thus receiving very poor drug status.

But despite these spectacular numbers, Novo Nordisk is likely to have another issue in the near future. For the true driver of future growth, it could continue to slip into the Semaglutide hope.

Numbers that are not applicable at present

I have said that from the next and it will repeat it here: although Novo Nordisk quarterly figures are of course an important water level news at the moment, do not overlap with these insights.

As soon as the Semi-prolonged oral diabetes drugs can be introduced to the market, this could push the Novo Nordisk growth again very clearly, because Novo Nordisk should create an incredible creation with this new administration , which makes obsessive spraying exposed and therefore could result in competitive advantage,

Investors who continue to believe in Novo Nordisk should follow the news about the possibility of bullying this miracle accordingly. And the current, interesting but interesting quarterly numbers, at least at the moment, are becoming casual.

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