Friday , November 27 2020

At least one dead after leaving three afalanches at Reutte

Reutte – Ammerwald in Reutte came to an area in the area after the last person's information was killed. At least six people have been dropped, search teams start to start. Five people could be recruited, according to the police. The site is located approximately 100 meters away from the Ammerwald Hotel. The avalanche did not affect the hotel itself.

Many mountain rescues and helicopters are used.

Many mountain rescues and helicopters are used.


Of the five winter athletes discovered, three were inhurt. One had suffered according to the information of the national warning center in a pastoral throat break. Another one was injured ill and badly had restated, but eventually died, rather than the Police Department He said.

About 2:20 pm, three afalanches were leaving each other side by side. Due to the large number of snow it is not clear, if there are other victims buried. Because more signals have been received by transvaivers avalanche, police forces continue to work at full speed. In the middle avalanche area, parts of skiing equipment had also been found, the police said.

How many people could be under the snow, it was not fixed for the time being. The field forces 60 have to search several of them with avalanche immediately. The emergency services had to be flown by a helicopter to the appliance cones because the access road could not be used due to the risk of breathing. In the Reutte area on Saturday, there was a moderate moderate level two hazard at the five-level hazard scale. By the land, the disaster site was only accessible to the German side.

The avalanche happened on the 20th anniversary of Galtür's breathing disaster. A 31-year-old disadvantage came to death and created real destruction in the village of the Tyrolean Paznaun Valley. Only one day later, on February 24, 1999, seven other people were killed in avalanche in neighboring Valzur. (

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