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As well as Innsbruck, Wien and Villach also took advantage of the international break on the transfer market.


(Ebel / compact) PM: As well as Innsbruck, the Vienna Capital and VSV EC also took the opportunity to pull their cadres as well.


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Spusu Vienna Capitals has responded to five goals back in line with the most (27) goals of each of the twelve league clubs and brought a new defender with American Patrick Mullen . The 32-year-old came to Europe for the first time in 2016, defending here for Riga (KHL), Linköping (SWE) and Mannheim (DEL). Most spent the career of the Beefy Guardian but to date in the American Hockey League (AHL), which was scored between 2009 and 2017 in 414 183-point trips (41T / 142A ). "After the ends associated with our defendants' injuries, Marc-André Dorion and Mat Clark, she was just stepping down to the defense. With Patrick Mullen, we have been able to commit to the backdrop , which not only has 414 appearances in the AHL on the business card, but is also familiar with European hockey, "said Franz Kalla, General Manager of Spusu Vienna Capitals. Patrick Mullen completes her first training session on Friday with the Spussing Spin captions.

Due to Christof Kromp's long-term injury, the VSV Panaceo EC must become active in the transfer market and was always obligatory to Kevin Goumas at the time of America.

The 26-year-old, serving both centers and wing, started his hockey career at Canterbury and Ice School before moving to New Hampshire University. He spent four season there and scored exact points in 146 games (44 goals and 102 assistants).

Goumas then followed the call to the AHL where he debuted in the Michi Raffl team, the Adirondack Phantoms. In the 2014/2015 season he played for the first full season in the American Hockey League. In terms of the Lehigh Valley Pantomens, storms were alongside the VSV branda Alderson striker. In general, Goumas reached 132 AHL installations and scored 34 points scores (13 goals and 21 assistants).

In 2016, the first assaulted to Europe for the first time, went to Mora in the Allsvenskan (a second Swedish alliance). With 14 goals and 30 assistants in the first round and six other goals and three assistants in the players Goumas had a significant share in the rise of Mora in the SHL. The following summer, however, had suffered refusal. Due to a knee injury, Americans lost the last season.

Goumas worked hard on his return, and he was responsible for managing this year in Björklöven. After eight trips, however, he shared roads and therefore took the VSV opportunity. After rigorous medical examinations and a few ice units, chief coach Gerhard Unterluggauer decided to give Kevin Goumas equipment for the next ten games.

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