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Actor Rolf Hoppe has died – Cinema


The German Theater and actor Rolf Hoppe died last Wednesday (14.11.) At 87 years of age. That's what his family told the German Press Agency on Thursday. Details of the cause of death are not known.

Hoppe made her first film in 1963 in "Now and during my death". This was followed by one role at a time, including the fairy film Václav Vorlíček "Three Cellyll Cideries" (1973). He was one of the most famous actors in the GDR.

Hoppe played in the Oscar movie "Mephisto"

Born in Thuringia in 1981, he won international recognition through his portrayal of Nazi Prime Minister Hermann Göring, in the "Mephisto", who received the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film a year later. He then played, among other things, in the Spring Spring movie "Spring Symphony" (1983), Comedian Harmonists (1997) and "Alles auf Zucker!" (2004) with.

From 1994 to 2003, he also appeared in a number of films in the "Tatort" series of cult crimes, as well as television series such as "SOKO Kitzbühel" and "Kommissar Rex." Hoppe also celebrated the stage. At the Salzburg Festival, he repeatedly went "Mammon" into "Everyman". In 1995 he founded his own year in Dresden.

He won several awards

Only last year Hoppe won a number of prizes, including Fairytail Film Festival and Dresden Ball Over Opera. In addition, he was awarded in the 90's, among others, with the Less Free Saxony Condition and Adolf Grimme Prize Award.

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