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A reprimand motion against Chancellor Kurz could be successful «


Currently one can "no or not talk about state crisis". But the current situation is "anything but stable," said former Federal President Heinz Fischer Monday in the "ZiB 2". He suggested agreeing in parliament that no laws with long-term financial consequences should be adopted until the election. Fischer could not become a transitional chancellor.

The hardest thing about this situation is that the Turkish government – even if it has experts rather than FPÖ ministers – does not have a majority in the National Council. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) could rely on 62 of the 183 National Council members only, 121 is not on his side.

This could also succeed from the list that has now been announced of offering no confidence against short at the National Council. This "never happened in this form in the history of the Second Republic," Fischer noted. Then the Federal President would have to commission a "fit personality" – he doesn't have to be a politician – to form a government that offered a cabinet to the Federal President. He said Fischer could be a "personality" – and so by the Chancellor of the Transitional Government – "I have no reason not to rule it out."

Anyway, "has never happened in Austria, in other countries that happen more often". The most difficult thing for this new government would be to have a majority in Parliament. Overall, the most important thing now is to find more consensus and a better climate for talks in Parliament than in the last few weeks and months. And the political groups should agree that they would not buy expensive pickles in the transitional period, Fischer noted.

Offer the self-confidence of the SPÖ?

Burgenland governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) has not yet decided whether Chancellor SPÖ Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) at the National Council will withdraw confidence. He gave Monday in the ORF "Report" but another variation in the room: It was "quite possible" that the SPÖ not only supported the offer of lack of confidence in the list Now, "but maybe even one ".

While its stable conditions are important and "should not play" with applications of such kind – but you could also "not accept this political party game on the back of the Republic," said Doskozil. The SPÖ will still decide how it goes. Anyway, it is a matter for the Federal President to secure a stable government.

FP has no confidence in Kurz

FP's designated leader Norbert Hofer also did not reveal whether the FPÖ will approve the vote of no confidence against Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) at the National Council's special session. That will "depend on the next few hours". But the FPÖ does not think about making their own offer. For the time being, Hofer – the turquoise-blue Transport Minister – was "very sad that he had come to an end".

Interior Minister Herbert Kickl announced in an interview with the daily newspaper Österreich (Tuesday issue) that FPÖ would agree to offer a reprimand against the Federal Chancellor: "It would almost be naive to take Kurz assumed that we do not trust Kurz's suspicion against us Whenever the special session takes place: whoever gives trust, gets trust, puts suspicion, suspects, breaks; The tablecloth is unnecessary, because as Norbert Hofer said, we are interested in explaining this Causa in full. "

Kickl sees the Federal Chancellor's "left-wing axis" with Van der Bellen and SPÖ: "Kurz has moved himself to an end and may not have expected us to defend the freedom of politicians just as forcefully as others." It now has a left axis presented by Van der Bellen and SPÖ. "


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