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A new study shows: LED light is so dangerous to the eyes

Always on hand: anyone who constantly looks at the smartphone jeopardizes the damage to the eyes. Some simple rules stop.

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Many of us sit in front of the PC screen through the day. And otherwise we often expose our eyes to blue light, which can harm them greatly. A simple trick protects.

Smart phone, TV, PC screen: they all emit blue light that makes our eyes even faster. It can be reduced by simple measures the proportion of blue light. Also when buying LED lamps you should pay attention to a few things.

Blue light in LED lamps makes the eye's age faster

French scientists ended in a study by the French Institute of Health and Medical Research the high proportion of blue light in LED lamps promotes age-related macular degeneration – eye disease affecting around four million Germans and is the most common cause of severe visual impairment in people over 60 years of age.

In animal experiments, the study leaders had shown that there were 6,000 high intensity light intensities LED lamps as well as conventional incandescent and fluorescent tubes trigger eye irritation, which can lead to death of optic nerves t, As the Rundfunk Norddeutsche reported further, it was an intensity of 500 lux – similar to normal room lights – only the LED lights that damaged retina rat in animal studies.

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Change the mobile phone and the computer to the night mode

Their results have not been confirmed by long-term human studies. But the French scientists are writing in their study that the data suggests, "white component white LED lamps can cause retinaol toxicity in occupational and domestic lightingnot only under extreme experimental conditions. "

To the study

If you want to protect your eyes from blue light, you can put the following in place easily:

  • Computer monitors and smartphones can be in the "Settings" in the night mode give: The blue part of the light is filtered out, which protects the eyes.
  • Bright LED lights in particular should be aligned so that you don't look directly at it can.
  • Who's using the smart phone or watching the TV, it should turn another light in the roombecause in the dark the disciples are spreading and many blue light can go into the eye.
  • There are also LED bulbs to buy, t the yellow-orange light up, The glass body tone is blue light filter out.

More about the subject in the video

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