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A moderator and copywriter died – before he had a startling prognosis


A popular radio presenter and translator died at the age of 51. Prior to that, he had a breathtaking prognosis.

Leipzig – Andreas Hähle has died, only 51 years old. And the grief of family, friends, friends and supporters is great – as demonstrated by hundreds of sympathies on her Facebook page.

Hahl conducted the spoken German word in his life in many ways. We worked as a presenter for years to, as well as a radio publisher, book writer, songwriter, for example to Dirk Zöllner. Meanwhile he was active with his own band project "sergejwitsch meet hähle". Also as a funeral or wedding speaker. And he gave readings that were serious and funny or even erotic. In all the scenes where he moved, it was clearly appreciated.

The sad news came from his death to his wife Lika Hähle on 25 April on Facebook. And also announced the cause of death. Worthy of a man to whom juggling with words, Andreas Hähle's death was a moving phrase. "The battle is over and lost. Andreas fell to sleep for the last time yesterday. At home. Peacefully in my arms. Life in dignity, death in dignity," writes the wife of the deceased. "So we decided with each other after the doctors told us nearly two weeks ago that her kidneys had failed again. Almost a year of hope after the first cancer diagnosis. Between, again and once again, resignation and new hope, again and again, hope for a miracle to the end, so many people hope to continue.

Andreas Hähle has died – he had a horrific prognosis of the doctors

Andreas Hähle was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. It was extremely open with the diagnosis. Now followed the new recovery. A heartbreaking diagnosis, as his wife reports. "Just a few days there was a breakdown prognosis of the doctors 12 days ago."

Even before that, death was "our constant companion" for almost a year. "Always close our threatening, but now it is inevitable that we should come between us."

Unfortunately, Lika Hähle shows that she and her husband, the summer, along with marriage were no longer allowed. "Andreas – no IS – love my life and me. We saw each other late and we had a very happy, very long future with each other. When we realized that our time would be together here on the earth was very tight, we wanted at least another summer with each other that we wanted to spend in the countryside In the house where we originally wanted to grow old, in the summer we were planning to marry again This time alone, just for both of us, it should be a love pledge that connects us forever beyond death, we didn't have more time, the summer was no longer give us. "

One last common summer day in mid-April, both were spent with each other. "However, on Monday a week ago we were given the first warm day after a long time. The perfect summer day for us. In the morning we went out to the country, shared strawberry dream ice cream with extra cream and eggnog and lumumba in the ice cream parlor, Andreas had a very red head of the rum in the chocolate, he was no longer familiar with alcohol, as he was no longer used to food – later sitting in the armchair from front of our house – we sealed our oath with legend – our beer since Corfu, and in the second afternoon a story shared with cigarettes on the balcony A perfect summer day, Andreas had coped extremely well, despite forces So we wanted him, and I am very grateful for his experience of this. "

In her Facebook post, Lika Hähle sends a big thank you to everyone whose co-ordination has been received. And choose other words that are full of poetry that are also worth reading to anyone who did not know Andreas Hehle's not to sometimes: t

Another popular radio presenter was recently killed – the grief is fantastic.

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