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A 29-year-old dad in Vienna: "The devil is defeated"


Fienna – A 29-year-old man who dropped his father on 21 September 2018 in Vienna – Lawfully protested by Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus by the District Court for Criminal Matters on Thursday in an institution for mentally abnormal offenders. The person affected is 16 years old with clear paranoid schizophrenia. He had thought that the 51-year-old father was in the devil.

"I took a knife and fed. In the neck", the 29-year-old jury court (chairman: Christoph Bauer) described in the words of the deed. Only after his arrest had heard "I had killed the father and not the devil".

Due to his higher-mentally deficient degree, the man could not be held responsible for the bloody murder in the Grimmgasse. According to the opinion of court psychiatrist Peter Hofmann, he was not responsible at the time of the offense and therefore innocent. Hofmann described that the prosecution that requested a permanent placement in a closed establishment was "inevitable". Those affected by "high level of danger" are characterized. Without appropriate therapeutic treatment, and when implemented in measures, would be "again with crimes with serious consequences to kill crime," said Hofmann.

The mental illness, developed in adolescent and favored by drinking cannabis, had thrown a 29-year-old road from its life path. After attending the secondary school he learned no profession. He spent his days almost entirely at his parents' home. "I've locked myself in the room in the home. I did not go out. I did not feel well," he told the jury. In essence, the man's daily routine had limited computer games.

Insight into the disease was partly only 29 years old. Although he was twice hospitalized and prescribed drugs for his diagnosed schizophrenia. But he was not willing to take these on an ongoing basis and have regular checks. "There is no way to force a patient to take part, provided he has not committed a crime," said prosecutor Bernhard Masha.

Father is totally surprised by an attack

He had put the most of the psychotropic drugs because he'd had headaches and heart problems, the 29-year-old revealed: "I did not want to drink more drugs. has been drinking for 13 years. "As a result, the man is increasingly imagining that his father is bad. "He believed the father had transformed into the body," said the prosecutor.

On March 21st, after his mother and grandmother left the family home, after raising, his father saw in the kitchen, who remembered the 29 year old: " He looked normal, but he was the devil. "It should have lost a number of 51-year-old rotation and bring it down to the ground. Then he was disguised and thrown with a kitchen knife with eleven inches. The father, who was probably surprised by the assault – the body had no defensive injuries to the predecessors or hands – they had no chance of survival. On the one hand, the body had blood exclusions in the head and throat area, which indicated an unusual force. On the other hand, there were stitches and cuts at the front of the neck as well as on the forehead, the temple and the corner of the eye. As the wound in the area of ​​the throat is tired, it can be assumed that the son has been stabbed or stabbed several times, said coroner Christian Reiter.

The opening of the throat neck and the blood opened the lungs can enter the lungs. So, the victim abolished on his own blood. According to Reiter, the death could not be prevented by immediate access to hospital with contact and juice.

The 29-year-old was arrested shortly after the bloody murder in a nearby park. In prison, he was wondering why his father did not come to visit him. "The devil is overcrowded," the patient said in prison.

Unanimous decision of the jury

"Everything is a human tragedy," said defender Alexander Philipp. As his client is in custody, he has prepared well for medication: "Now I realized that he did not kill the devil but the father." He always had a good relationship with him: "He loved him. He is suffering a lot of the situation."

The jury's decision to stay in a closed establishment was unanimous. "Consider the briefing not as a penalty, but as an opportunity. Having treated well and sufficiently, you can live a normal life with this disease. You have a right to life without voices and hallucinations," he said. ; r Judge Christoph Bauer to the 29-year-old. (APA)

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