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12 Unknown Features of Apple Watch You should Use |

Some of the best features and the useful controls on the Apple Watch are not necessarily obvious to the casual user. […]

Apple Watch can make life much easier for its users. But it also offers many features that are not obvious at first glance (c)

Apple Watch is a wonder of ministry a
can do so much. This is not the most popular reason in the world. but
The small display and the ease of use doesn't leave much space
Tutorials and explanations.

Most of the best and most useful features are
Controls for the Apple Watch haven't really hidden, but
but difficult to find.

1. Take screenshots

You want to be part of an epic training session
Bragio 'highscore'; in an Apple Watch game? Snapshot on your Apple
Watching is easy. Hold down the side key a
a tap on the digital crown (you can usually trigger it by
You press both buttons at the same time, which are easier as they are t
it's located on the same side of the clock).

The screen will illuminate and the screenshot will appear
in the pictures library on your iPhone (and your Mac if you use iCloud, t
to keep everything consistent).

First you need this feature in the Watch Watch program on your
activate iPhone. Open the My Clock tab, tap
Set it to "General", then scroll down and turn on
"Enable screenshots" on.

(c) IDG

2. Change to list view

You do not have the hexagonal round lattice of a circular, not
App icons have been labeled which are slightly harder to use? they are
it can also be changed to see list! Press that
Grid (press hard) to display the grid options or look at the list
calls. The appearance of the list is easier to use, organized alphabetically,
it's labeled, easier to scroll through and it has more touch targets. try
Both use them to decide what you prefer.

3. Turn off cases

If you own an Apple Watch Series 4, she's in
Your ability will automatically be able to detect when you fall
Notify an emergency contact or even call the emergency service if you are
don't move anymore.

This feature is useful to anyone, but only
then it has been enabled by default when you set up your Apple Watch
Please state your age and state that you are aged 65 or over.

If you are under 65 and want to operate it,
Open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap your tab in the tab
"My watch" on "SOS crisis". Here you can
Enable falls detection and also find a link to edit your
Emergency Contacts.

(c) Apple

4. Cover to extinguish the display and mute

If your dial has been lit, it's dark again
cover the whole clock with yours
Palm away.

If you have received a notification that you are silent
to keep the notices off
Your palm over the dial for about three seconds. They become one
Feel the beating that lets you know it's quiet.

This can be Apple Watch settings
disabled. To enable this feature, open the Watch app
Your iPhone. On the My Clock tab, tap
"Tones & Haptics" – The switch.

5. Send a call to the mailbox

You'll be called and you don't want to answer? Tap
double click on the side button (not on the digital crown) to make a call
directly to your mailbox. It's the same as the double tap
the side key on your iPhone.

6. Accept a call coming in on your iPhone

When a call comes in, turn up rather than up
press the "hang" or "answer" keys. tap
On "Response to iPhone". This will answer the call
so you don't lose it, but keep it on your iPhone. by
To answer the call, just tap the green button on your iPhone.

7. Double click on the crown to switch to the last app.

Switch between your existing app (or the app
Dial) and the last app you opened twice
Tap the digital crown. This is like double the Home button
iPhone or iPad with a key of this type.

8. Delete all notices

If you look from the top of your Apple Watch display
Turn down, see, as well as on your iPhone, yours

If you have a lot of them and don't follow them individually
If you want to delete them, you can delete them all at once

Press (hard click) on the big list of you
Notices and a large deletion button will appear
all notices.

9. Introduce your venue

They are busy with shopping and late at night
Lunch at home, so your spouse will send you a message: "Where
are you? "Now you have to turn off your basket and get a solution
interjected. Or maybe not?

Press (press firmly) the Message app when it is open
Chat to open a number of options, including one with the
Name "Send location". Touch it with your contact
send an overview map with your situation.

By default, messages appear automatically on your watch
This is a quick and easy way to respond to inquiries
answer, asking where you are.

10. Make the screen easier to read

If you don't have a very good look,
Sometimes Apple Watch can be difficult to read. Here are some
Options that could help you.

In the Watch app on your iPhone, use the
The My Clock tab is General, then
"Accessibility". Here you will find a switch for bold print
Printed text that makes the text easier to read (your Apple Watch needs
reset first).

If you need more, tap "Zoom"
and to operate it. Here you will find the corresponding options. they are
use it by tapping your Apple Watch twice and two fingers and
then drive around with two fingers around the larger screen.

11. Find your iPhone

You can't find your phone, but know it
you have to be here somewhere? As long as your Apple Watch is within reach
(it has a connection to your iPhone), you can get it easily.

Go up to display the control panel. tap
Then click the "Find my iPhone" button and your iPhone
it will make sound in the full volume. Tap and hold the button
"Find my iPhone" button, and your iPhone button will also be flashed, t
so you can find it easy in the dark.

12. Adapt the training displays

(c) IDG

When you start training on your Apple Watch, it's shown
a set of statistics such as heart rate, active calories, length and so on
on. You can list this for each individual exercise
customize and rearrange!

In the Watch app on your iPhone, go to My Watch> Training> Training View. In the list, tap the exercise session you want to edit, then tap Edit in the top right corner. You can add, delete or rearrange the measures that appear on your Apple Watch during exercise.

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