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Why the biggest challenge of Channel 9 is still coming


Channel 9 manager says that viewers could "take several years" to warm up the show Today, as experts predict the leading program that will face a bad conversation "toxic".

Viewers are at its lowest since 2006 and more unpleasant time could be ahead, with industry experts tipping around 2019 as a "key part" for the hard breakfast.

Nine new support panels unveiled for the show in January after the abolition of a long-time host Karl Stefanovic, who was pledged by the bad press.

Georgie Gardner is now leading the team along with co-host Deborah Knight, journalist Tom Steinfort, sports journalist Tony Jones, weatherman Steven Jacobs and entertainment reporter Brooke Boney.

Nine chief executives said Hugh Marks The Australian today it could take "many years" to the show a new look to work.

"This is what's been a lot of years to set up – a new show and a new format and a new crew," said Mr Marks.

"The presenters' chemistry always takes a little longer, and we will invest in that."

Steve Molk, Aussie's television news website Blackbox TV, it is normal for new lines to take time to find footprints – but the bad press would be about television heads.

"Bad stories create media stories, and media stories are interested in viewers," said Molk at

"Then, suddenly, they think the show could be toxic so they do not start watching it, so the scales get worse, so there are more media stories."

He said Nine would be seriously concerned if the scores had not turned by May.

"I think that's a critical point because six months would expect you that the audience made their call very clear whether they are going to wake up with Today, "he said.

Mediaweek James Manning's editor also shows a mid year as a possible concern for the show as Nine's head will not try to make any changes for "at least six months".

"It's something that media operators are never too clear," said Manning. "They'll say it will take a long time suddenly one day it goes, and they will change something else."

But he warned further changes to Today run the risk of alienating more viewers because they needed time to adapt to the new line.

"You have to give it time," he said. "To keep things that change people never know what's happening. More people could even leave if you're still shaking up."

Molk agreed that the introduction of a new line would be "marathon, not sparkle" for scales.

"I would be fine, surprised if they had changed Deb or Georgie or Brooke or even Steven that he was there, the same as Tom and even Tony," he said.

Instead, nine would look at offering incentives to watch more viewers, such as competitions such as SunriseSilver Money Money Money.

"What they think is what they can do for her to have more people to sample the program because just telling people that the new thing is not enough to drag & # 39 ; r viewers, "said Manning.

"They need (do something), whether they are cash prizes or some more unique content, things like that, things that do not depend on the forces."

The assessment comes as this week's scales fall by 168,000 compared to "embarrassing" SunriseThere are 287,000 viewers.

And Daily Telegraph Yesterday reported that Nine was holding "crisis meetings" over Today, with focus groups discovering that Gardner is considered "cool, ice girl".

In response, he published nine remarkable comments on media releases Today as "deliberate bullying".

"I'm not ashamed of the weaker numbers Today The show has recorded in 2019. But just five weeks for a new team on the air, we do not want to reach the panic button, "said nine new affairs and current affairs director Darren Wick.

"We've been through this battle with other programs, where a part of the media is quick to write to us. We're all about the long trip," said Mr Wick .

He said that Gardner was "distressed" about the report.

"She's disappointed, she's a bit worried but she's keeping her alone," he said.

"We're still together and show that we are better and stronger than everything that comes to us.

"She's pretty sound, she's pretty good. She's a very cracking person."

Stefanovic received the axis in December alongside Tim Gilbert, Sylvia Jeffreys and Natalia Cooper.

Gardner who has continued as a permanent presence on the air after Lisa Wilkinson has been extremely popular when he left in 2017 over a salary dispute.

Despite the multi-hyped re-launch of the show in January, he fell flat with spectators, with fewer than 200,000 people tied in to watch the new look show first.

The audience has continued to start, with people who are industry specialists tell the disaster scales are "a brand new new" and Denison Grant, a Channel star 10 predicts Today difficult to recover.

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