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What did the Chief Executive of Sanchez Energy Corporation (NYSE: SN) Take Home Last Year? – News Simply Wall St


Tony Sanchez has been the CEO of Sanchez Energy Corporation (NYSE: SN) since 2011.
The aim of this first analysis is to counter the CEO compensation with other companies that have a similar market capitalization.
Then, we will look at a bit of the business's growth.
And finally – as a second performance measure – we will look at the shareholders earned in recent years.
This method should give us information to assess the appropriateness of the company paying the CEO.

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How does Tony Sanchez Compensation compare with Similar Companies?

According to our data, Sanchez Energy Corporation has market capitalization of US $ 84m, and pays all its CEO annual compensation of US $ 14m.
This is a notable increase of 112% last year.
A group of companies with market capitalities were taken below US $ 200m, and the Chief Executive's Chief Executive's compensation was calculated to be US $ 293k.

So Sanchez Energy Corporation would seem to pay Tony Sanchez more than the Chief Executive's remuneration in companies of a similar size, in the same market. However, this fact only means that the charge is too high.
We can better assess whether the pay is too generous by looking at the basic business performance.

Graphic below shows how Sanchez Energy CEO compensation has changed year on year.

NYSE: Chief Executive Compensation SN November 15th 18th
NYSE: Chief Executive Compensation SN November 15th 18th

Is Sanchez Energy Corporation Grows?

Over the last three years, Sanchez Energy Corporation has grown its earnings per share (EPS) on average 106% per annum.
Its revenues are higher than 67% over last year.

This shows that the company has improved itself over recent years. Good news for shareholders.
Most shareholders would be pleased to see strong revenue growth and EPS growth. This combo suggests a fast growing business.
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Has Sanchez Energy Corporation been a good investment?

With losing a total of three years of 81%, Sanchez Energy Corporation would certainly have some dissatisfied shareholders.
This suggests that the company would be unwise to pay the CEO too generous.

In Summary …

The amount Sanchez Energy Corporation pays its CEO, and compared to the amount paid by similar size companies.
As discussed above, we found that the company paid more than the median of that group.

However, the earnings per proportionate growth over three years are certainly impressive.
On the other hand, returning to investors over the same period has probably disappointed many.
Therefore, shareholders might not feel great about the fact that the CEO pays more last year.
Taking into account the growth of the share profits, but bearing in mind the weak forms, we would need more time to form a look at CEO compensation.
Chief Executive CEO's high charge is not great, but certainly does not mean that stock will perform poorly.
Still, Stakeholders may want to check if other people have been selling.

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