Tuesday , August 16 2022

Virgin Atlantic's aircraft breaks a speed record, flies faster than sound speeds


Virgin Atlantic flying from Los Angeles to London reached a 1289km / h ground speed with strong wind support, according to reports.

The speed of bones was reached at a maximum of 35,000 feet, or 10.7km, above Pennsylvania. The Boeing 787 Twe-jet aircraft was boosted by a fierce jet stream, the high air condition along the storm, Travel News reported.

"I never saw this type of tail in my life as a commercial pilot," Peter James, jet captain, tweeted.

A Monday record was higher than a 1234km / h audio speed, however, air travel breaks, the audio barrier is dependent on its air speed, not at ground speeds. Commercial aircraft have not planned to fly at supersonic speeds.

Virgin Atlantic flying to London reached 48 minutes early. The Boeing 787 air machine has reached a maximum speed of 1248km / h and has a buffer speed of approximately 9.3km / h, And Washington Post reported.

Several other high speeds were recorded in the United States on Monday. A Los Angeles flew to New York City to 1091km / h at 39,000 feet, or 11.9km, over Ohio, while a 737 plane on the way from Chicago to New York passes 1126km / mrsday.

The jet stream was so strong, flight times from Dallas to Boston had dropped less than three hours.

This article originally appeared on Fox News and it was reproduced with permission.

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