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UFC Denver, The Morning After: Yair Rodriguez a Zombie Korea & # 39; What's doing MMA is great


Sometimes, even after 25 years, this sport still has a completely new scratch. Sometimes historical events have a lifestyle up to the hype. UFC 189, a party reaching the best Conor McGregor and the best UFC card at all times, included the classic bloody fight between McDonald vs. Lawler 2 is the main event. (McGregor has had an incredible luck – UFC 196, 202, 205 and 229 were all entertaining wildly) UFC 100 included Michael Bisping, Michael Bisping, the most iconic moment of UFC Henderson career. The last round of the WEC last October was the last ever CAB event, featuring classic five rounds between Benson Henderson and Anthony Pettis, which was removed from Pettis's amazing Pettis Showtime Click off the cage for all marbles

The UFC 25-year main event between the Zombie Korea, Chan Sung Jung, and El Pantera, Yair Rodriguez, was a very historic moment.

It was always an interesting conflict of styles, a perfect exhibition for the cross-cultural violence that built the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Both men are known about excitement and originality; Chan Sung Jung owns what is the only twister presentation in the UFC history, and its battles with Dustin Poirier and Leonard Garcia are legendary contributions to the history of fighting history. Yair Rodriguez lands do not start anyone else even in the Octagon – I'm not even sure that they are all names. This was not the main event, but Frankie Edgar had been injured. The war gods had other plans, and Yair was stepping up at short notice about five-way fighting at height.

It became clear early that this battle would live up to the hype. The Korean Zombie was blitzing in, landing great rights and lefts, and Yair conflicts with lightning-chicks that looked like they could go. He also landed low ridges, but those went after the first few minutes. After the battle, he revealed to Rogan that he had injured his foot on one of them in the first round, joining Jose Aldo on a list of fighters who have hurt themselves killing Zombie Korea.

In the second round, Chan Sung Jung got his work going, and seemed to have the distance on Rodriguez. He used to measure for his right hand, and cut the rhythm with wild blitzs. The second round came to an end with such anguish, swapping so fast that you could have lost Ybow the back penelin in the exchange. That will be important later.

In the third round, blood flowed, and both men were tired. This fight was at height, in Denver, making it a sport of endurance to fight at least five rounds, much less than five rounds at the speed they both kept. Yair's body starts as they took their holes, but the Zombie Korea was living in their name and did not sell them as it always does. He landed heavy penalties from himself. He held a headache, then somehow did eat two golfs as Yair recovered his balance. The third round also came to an end with a wild exchange that Rodriguez saw to try rolling straps, eat a hook for his troubles, and then he was converted back to the first time that the Korean Zombie was losing wild.

In the fourth round, the Korean Zombie Yair sent a staggering back with a very good hand. He took over this fight in the championship rounds, despite the Yair game approach. Yair's creativity brought the best at Chan Sung Jung; a few seconds of creativity was very interesting. Yair applied to Iminari's roll but she was banned shortly after Sung Jung took an active part in the grappling. The scoring cards showed that Jung was ahead, 39-36, on both of the three chards score in the fifth round.

The fifth round saw more creative destruction, but also the spiritual friendship that has been a great feature of UFC fighting over the last 25 years. Sometimes, in a seemingly flawed fight, it can be frustrating to watch fighters congratulate each other; In fighting like this, it only adds to the experience. Some fans like to see a seizure, but some of the best moments in the fighting history come when two men go from beaten the shadow from each other, to drink from the joy of expressing themselves by consensual violence, then go back to feed the boy out of each other. Donald Cerrone, who is cutting the UFC win and finish record in the joint event, is known about this. Two men or women often earn each other's respect in the cage after throwing down. That was that kind of battle. Jung and Rodriguez were embraced at the beginning of the round, then they were a bizarre taste halfway through the first time each turned to the crowd and smiled. Even for those who used to see the touch of these gloves and there, it was an unusual break of the fourth wall, armistice for a moment of appreciation to both sides and # 39 the other and the enthusiastic crowd. When the battle began, Yair screwed a clean head; Chan Sung Jung hit him with a hard-handed hand. They left again for a second congratulations second with ten seconds to go, then they all went out for the finish. Chan Sung Jung launched with one last blitz signature, but he argued. Yair bent on the waist, moving back, and as he threw himself under Jung's wild swings, throwing her headbag up over her own back. He went off on Jung's mouth, and faced face. He had not hit the ground faster that the corn sounded to the end of the battle. Rodriguez had landed golf on the second half of the battle, 4:59.

In many ways, the head was perfect, although one was injected for Chan Sung Jung. Sometimes the best stories are tragedies. Just like Rory Macdonald at UFC 189, Jung wins the fight, until he was not. The finish was completely original – in my years as a fan and holding the most blurred finishing of fighting sports at Midnight Mania, I've never seen anything like it. 25 years, and we still see new things in MMA. It may not even be the more weird game this year (remember the Niko Price hammers from the bottom?) But when you combine the timing and location with the right creativity, it's You need to even think about throwing that shot – so quickly some thought it was accidental – this may be the only sport at all times.

Chan Sung Jung and Yair Rodriguez are what makes these sports fighters that put their health at risk to try to hurt each other in the most creative, original and exciting ways of they can think of them Sometimes they pay for it with their awareness. Sometimes they win in the second. Over time they are legends.

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