Thursday , May 19 2022

There is no way to be sure that honey is not fake, says ACCC


ACCC deputy chairman Mick Keogh told Fairfax Media on Friday that the commission had come to the conclusion of an investigation and found any evidence that Capilano & Allowrie products had relocate with sugar syrup


However, he said that, based on expert advice, he found that the available methods to prove honey – the C4 or the NMR – were not reliable enough to stand in court.

"At both those centers, we made the decision that we can not move forward with this matter," said Mr. Keogh at Fairfax Media.

"There is an issue that causes great concern to consumers, and the lack of confidence in the testing methods, The and persistent debate, leads us to the view that the government … and the industry more specifically should make a much stronger effort to reach an agreed test standard. "

Mr Keogh said that it could be by developing NMR tests, which the agriculture department has been considering.

He said that the ACCC did not do any of its own tests, because "there was no point" given that any of the methods in court could not be relied upon.

Capilano has said that NMR tests in Europe were unreliable for Australian honey and would support the development of a local "database" for NMR tests.

A Capilano spokeswoman said the company was satisfied that ACCC had "confirmed our position that NMR tests were unreliable".

"We have been testing our products with the internationally accepted C3 / C4 tests for regeneration – the testing procedure accepted in Australia and used by regulatory authorities worldwide," he said.

"Capilano has been constantly testing products for disinfection and will continue to do so, using the best and most reliable test methods that are currently available."

This week's ASX Capilano received an offer of over $ 200 million from the Australian-Chinese private equity group, Wattle Hill.

A spokesman for the agriculture department said he recognized the need for improvement and considered additional tests including the NMR.

However, the NMR method was not yet reliable and "significant development needs, as a comprehensive database of real world from all over the world," he said.

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