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The single seconds ended at Meg Ryan's career


Meg Ryan was one of the leading girls in the 90s.

Curious and funny, funny, Ryan was a queen of incredible romantic comedy for more than 10 years from the late 80's to the beginning of the 2000s.

But it seems that Ryan disappears from film screens in a fast and in a recent interview with New York Times magazine, a former American girlfriend said that one role as a teacher in an R-graduate film was enough to end his career.

He said stunning audiences, which were used to a good girl harchist, with her In The Cut He noted the end of his career as an actress.

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But despite being happy with life out of the lights, Ryan said she was "surprised" in the horrible response he suffered for being "naked". He said that the widespread experience of public eye had made her feel "isolated" and as an "incomplete person".

Ryan screamed alongside Mark Ruffalo in In The Cut in 2003 after more than a decade of star visits including You have a mail, The Seamless in Seattle a Pan Harry Met Sally.

Fake, erotic movie with hypersexual plot line, In the Break Singing on Ryan's character, as a school teacher, having a relationship with detective treatment. Both meet after the character of Ryan seeing a couple performing orally in a bathroom and later finds a broken arm in his front garden. The movie continues in a violent and sexual way in the same way.


Ryan was 41 at the time of the movie release, and her transportation was "no big". He said that he was facing other challenges, such as playing a character that did not speak a lot.

His co-star, Ruffalo, who played a kinky detective and loved her, told the press, during filming, that the director shouted for him to play a confident love, saying: "You are no longer in school ! "

The critical reaction to the movie was negative and focused on Ryan's performance and holes. Weekly EntertainmentThe main heading was: "Meg Ryan treats each, making a leading man nervous".

First of the movie, correspondents asked if she was uncomfortable with the "skin" scenes and her departure from her role as "American love".

"I've made 30 films and I've done seven romantic comedy," he told reporters.

"So I do not know what's the typical movie of Meg Ryan."

But the movie was badly accepted by critics and reviews were largely focused on the hiding.

Y Weekly Entertainment He said Ruffalo had a "worrying performance", citing him saying he was "very scared" and feared compared to his previous partner Russell Crowe.

Ryan tried to defend her performance, telling critics that this is not the first time she appeared in nude. She said she debts her as "love" when she had made so many movies fast.

In a well-known interview, he was challenged by the veterans speaker show Michael Parkinson for being naked. He suggested that it was defensive about being interviewed due to a very good public divorce and poor office-office and movie.

"How could you be naked?" Parkinson asked her, along with a line of questioning why she was an actress.

"You should prepare your audience because you're doing something different," Parkinson has chastis. Ryan said she had found her reaction stunning.

In the interview, the actor appears to be increasingly worried and angry. When Parkinson asks Ryan where she thinks the interview should go next, Ryan suggests that she wrapped it.

The actor recognized that the movie had marked a fatal point in her career as a lovely Hollywood star.

"In the Break He felt a real turning point, "he said, but said she liked to make the movie.

The public had been turning on Ryan for a long time since she shared with Dennis Quaid's husband in 2001. Rumors classified that she was cheating with Russell Crowe, his star star in the film Life Test.

Ryan was not going to tackle the scorned rumors at the time, and worsening it was just illegal.

He talked about the rumors in 2008, eight years after she falsified her marriage, she and Quaid, explaining that Quaid had been illegally for her for a long part of her marriage. He described the experience to be "very painful".

"I'll know that when I did In the Break, the reaction was bad, "he said.

"I think that the feeling with Hollywood is co-common. I felt when they felt, probably."

Ryan has not starred in a movie for over a decade – a comedy drama 2008 The Ladies his last significant role. She is stunning that she does not return to act for her, saying that the experience of being on camera has stifled her ability to live her full life.

"I have such admiration for actors who have an incredible imagination for life or have a life experience that they can give to the audience," he said.

"I do not think that I'm one of those people. I felt as an incomplete person."

Ryan said she was "awesome" who found the media cycle of preventing personal details to promote unbearable films. She said she would not be able to find a fame in the current landscape.

"If I was to start my career today, I would not have an opportunity," he told Vanity Fair. "Social media has changed things. It's so big and big. I can not handle the regular attention and criticism."


Ryan did not grow up for being a performer, saying that although he had 30 films behind her and being one of the most well-known faces of a decade, she was interesting in acting and was Fame is boring and incapable.

"I felt that I was behind a window looking at my life," he said.

"I remember thinking, I want to get my own thoughts.

"Also, it was hard to walk around anywhere. It never meant that people mean, that's what I can not move. We'll do a duck and cover type, and that's not what I wanted . "

She explained her team of solicitors and the painters would often let her scary messages tell her there was an "emergency" that would be a business-related.

"I would tell some of the people that represent me at the time, & # 39; Guys, do not leave me messages that say it's a crisis. If something is wrong with (my son), that's an emergency. The bargain has not closed, not one, "said Ryan.

Ryan studied journalism in the early 80's at the University of New York and worked part-time as an actor when the film offered only to come. The profitable option offers that on the screen turned into such a flood of opportunity. Ryan decided to drop the college.

But Ryan was still uncomfortable with acting, fame and fame – he found "active" fun, but it was more in a position that she saw herself steering or dreaming and was challenged.

"I do not feel, naturally, I'm a performer," said Ryan.

He said he had many advantages while being young and famous, in essence, there were "disadvantages … part of your brain, your own soul", explaining her life experience limited by her career and & # 39; to success.

He said when you are famous, you never know who tells you the truth.

"I felt mad, as an actor, I was burning through life experiences," said Ryan.

"Someone I had a helicopter or journalist test or I was living in expressing this life."

At the end of his career, she felt that it was blown out and was canceled. "I was going to burn out. I did not feel that I knew enough about myself and the world I did not reflect as an actor. I was feeling weak, "said Ryan.


Ryan said she was now free to be happy with her partner, the musician John Mellencamp, and her daughter Daisy. The family live with each other in New York City where Ryan works as a movie author. She also hopes to go to instruct.

She has had the green light for a romantic comedy movie that she wrote and she also works on a sitcom with her We Live Saturday the head of Lorne Michaels.

He said a secretary could be happy with Mellencamp to be free and older, but she kept some scip-com when she said: "I sometimes think that there are relatives for aliens. What do you do? Who can do that?

"I do not know how any of us have ever done."

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